Ethan Gates

The good news: thanks to car troubles, I got to ease back into work today by writing a ton of emails from the comfort of home (and the car's all right in the end, too!)

The bad news: whirlwind 48-hour trip to New Orleans last weekend (featuring sick plane baby coughing straight into my face) has left me with a persistent cough that still endangers returning to the office tomorrow! πŸ‘

January 02, 2019
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Winnie Schwaid-Lindner
Unexpected death & preserving their memories

RT @winnie For 2019 I have been reflecting on how preservation helps everyone, often in unexpected ways.

A friend died very unexpectedly this year, and it’s because of (somewhat reluctant) digipres from a third party that we have videos she recorded & stories she wrote. We often think of preservation as saving humanity’s grand culture / history, but the mundane content of friends & fam is priceless in a different way. Her memory matters.

January 02, 2019
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Johan van der Knijff

RT @bitsgalore New tool klaxon red alert! First public pre-release of tapeimgr, a simple tape imaging and extraction tool (GUI + CLI). Details here:

November 28, 2018
Ethan Gates

I wonder if buying a space heater for my office is acceptable use of a p card

November 27, 2018
Ethan Gates

How do y'all keep track of terminal commands that are super handy but you will still probably only use them once every ~3 months and completely forget the flags/syntax/regex in the meantime

November 20, 2018
Ethan Gates

Librarians are awesome story:

About a year ago I was working on a research project and couldn't find a book - it was cited in another book, but had no WorldCat record, there was no online trace of its (Moscow-based) publisher, the Slavic-language specialist at the university library was even stumped. I put in a request for acquisition anyway with what info I had, because what the hell


November 07, 2018
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SURVEY OPPORTUNITY. Library, Archives, and Museum workers! Have you held a position created through grant funding (US)? Was any of the work you did digital? We want to hear about your experience as a worker:

(this is separate from forum participation)

This survey is gathering data for Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Positions, IMLS funding number LG-73-18-0236. Help us & share the survey w/friends and colleagues.

November 01, 2018
Ethan Gates

Are there any good blog posts/resources out there you know of that are like @bitsgalore 's Preserving Optical Media from the Command line guide but for hard drives?

October 30, 2018