@thegibson cnie

26 minutes ago
coyote joke

been learnin french

je suis chien

43 minutes ago

@trwnh @django :hacker_f:

1 hour ago

@trwnh :hacker_f:

2 hours ago
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infinite love ⴳ

@lugh "what caused it to collapse?" well

2 hours ago

@trwnh >;3c

3 hours ago
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

concept: paving roads not with black concrete but black powder

3 hours ago

@GlitterDisaster dang most dragons i know do this


3 hours ago
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Zest :ZestDragon:

I'm a nerd and I like to exhale our vape through my nose and imagine it's dragon smoke

3 hours ago

@tarotbot lovely, i appreciate :heart_trans:

3 hours ago
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Snarkmaster (v. alpha-2.0)

RT @tarotbot @lugh Ace of Wands

3 hours ago
tarot reading

what is it that the fae are giving me?

i acknowledge the outstretched fairy cup but i dont understand the context


3 hours ago

@melaninpony oh boy that sucks a lot

if that happens to the house im moving into, kristina and i can litearlly say (i told you so)

shes sticking up for me and my furry porn

4 hours ago

@melaninpony curtian??


4 hours ago

@it ty!

4 hours ago

@melaninpony oh no

4 hours ago

@it aunt lala and i canceled her abusive brother (my biological dad) today when we talked on the phone

4 hours ago
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Your's Truly (Purity: NaN)

Is today still World Goth Day?

Did i miss it??

4 hours ago

@Cryoclaire fhdjashfjkdas cute!!

4 hours ago

@blackle splungus!

4 hours ago