White Cat Black Spot™
hoomanz call me a white cat privilege cat but i'm the cutest kitty in the world!! https://whitecatblackspot.tumblr.com

I cant see you you cant see me

3 hours ago
3 hours ago

every chair is cat chair

3 days ago

I haz spot

September 13, 2018

kitty go outside?

September 13, 2018

it's time to pester everyone

September 05, 2018

It is Lay Purr Day so I slept all day and purred all day

September 04, 2018
September 01, 2018

Love me?

September 01, 2018

it's empty im going to starve but im gonna lick the bowl until someone feeds me

August 30, 2018
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The arrival of the autumn is felt when you see cats curled up instead of flopped

August 26, 2018


August 25, 2018