Yes, this assange image strucked me as familiar...

5 days ago

For working reason I'll have to install whatsapp on my mobile. To avoid it reading my contacts, stuff, running all the time and so on, is there anyone here running it using , or some other confining app? Any thought or best practices?
It's the first non FOSS app I install on my

April 03, 2019

@tjemni Today I'll mostly study, I think, have a nice nap and go to dance in the evening. Not too bad, even if I do not feel enthusiastic about anything lately.

On a small side project, I'm getting conscious of how many discussions I have that are basically solved by getting to the sources, so I'll try to streamline the process of giving and receiving sources.
Since many topics are frequent (homeopathy, climate change, water memory, biodiversity and hybridation...) having at my fingertips all the links will save me hours: I'll just say "stop here, I'm sending you this researches, get back to me after you've read them". And I can enjoy life more!

What are you up to?

April 02, 2019

Hi, can I please ask you to CW long posts (>1000 characters), not to fill the entire timeline? It'd be appreciated =)

April 01, 2019