Been working on integrating my earlier ncurses-telnet integration into my MUD game. Its been a huge pain in the ass trying to fix various issues including telnet codes, unicode rendering, window refreshing. But seems I have everything but the telnet code sorted out. Here is a little peek at the basic setup (more virtual windows will be added soon). Hopefully I'll have a bug free version to demo in a few days.

6 hours ago

hmmm good point!

7 hours ago

A new anctient coin I managed to aquire for my collections.

23 hours ago

Woot got the new inks in I've been waiting for with anticipation. The pens are ordered left to right to match the writing top to bottom. You can't see it in the picture but the gold sheen ink has a subtle but noticeable gold sparkle to it. that and the oxblood are my favorites.

23 hours ago