Jess Mahler

Like autism, but to a lesser degree, the possibility that I have is making a lot of sense of my life.

Now the trick (also like autism) is figuring out how to apply this information so I can get as close to the life I want as possible.

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Teryl's Tales of Whim~

The well listened.

Often it heard wishes, most selfish, some desperate to not be selfish, few wishes genuinely lack some degree of selfishness.

More often than one would think it would hear complaints, aimless ill-will or simply someone getting negativity off of their chest.

There was little else the well could do - it wasn't the wishing kind, despite the many coins fruitlessly tossed into it.

But it listened, and it was good at that, at least.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales

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Jess Mahler

FYI: if you've been interested in but intimidated by all the fancy pictures and youtube videos, it's okay.

doesn't need all that stuff, in fact, the original version was just text, not even fancy headings.

Here's an example of a REAL minimalist bullet journal.

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Jess Mahler

Just realized why I was having high anxiety this morning, and it's stuff I've been putting off. I just can't wrap my head around this section *tears hair out*

I'm going to tag my cuilmate/sensitivity editor and ask hir if ze'll help me with it. Maybe not facing it alone will get me through it better.

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Jess Mahler

I sometimes need to remind myself that the reason I feel like shit no matter how much 'better' things get, is everytime I get better, I add more to my schedule.

And that's not a bad thing, bc I LIKE having cooked meals instead of frozen pizza every night and brushing my teeth regularly is a big thing that I'm proud of managing.

But I still frequently find myself going, 'I thought I was doing better! Why do I still feel so horrid' and needing to remind myself.

Also, good morning!

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Alex Schroeder 🐝

If somebody felt strongly about #Pleroma and #IRC, and liked working with C code, they could take a look at the Mastodon plugin for Bitlbee, and at the Discord plugin for Bitlbee, and implement websocket support for the Mastodon plugin. This would be great because apparently right now Pleroma doesn't support the streaming API but it does support the websocket API.

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Comic Goblin


I just lost both
A) my comic book contract
B) my part time job

If you like my art and want a custom piece, or just wanna help by boosting this, let me know!

#mastoart #DigitalArt #commissions #pinned #fantasy #dungeonsanddragons

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Jess Mahler

@phildini my nesting partner is having trouble confirming their account. they forgot to clickthe link, now the original link isn't working. requested a new link, but hasn't arrived. any suggestions? thanks

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@ann_leckie is a lovely person who talks a lot about tea. The fact that all bad SF now makes me wish I was reading her books instead has nothing to do with it.

@aldersprig another amazing author, mostly transhuman fantasy about the complexities of consent. Takes reader suggestions for what to work on next.

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I'm sure Masto will be great for Tumblr exiles, but can I also recommend Dreamwidth?

It's seriously great, actually follows its principles, has always had fannish and lewd communities, can do longer-form things, has a way better comment system then Tumblr, and isn't going to be bought out by a big corporation.

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Taris :wolftaur:
PSA(-) : appropriate mastodon behavior and slurs

I'm seeing this alot in the Federation Timeline especially over the last few days;
"trap" is a transphobic slur and not acceptable by just about any instance Code of Conduct.
If you see it, report it.
Your admin and mods are here to help, and if we see groups that are not addressing this issue with their users, we have the power to remove them from your timelines. This goes for any type of hate speach, abuse, or discrimination.

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Auntie Kiki

RT @auntiekiki Oh hey, for y'all folks who, like me, can't do black tea but really miss chai, Harney & Sons makes a version with green tea, called Chai Hara. It's got a great flavor, though be warned that it's very finely ground.

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Andrew Roach

I should clarify, I want this as automated as possible. I have dozens of PDFs to fiddle with.

I might be able to hack something together with Calibre, or even the GNU Image Manipulator, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way.

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Andrew Roach

I have a bunch of PDFs from that are 2up (two physical pages per digital page) and I would like to convert them to 1 up (1 physical page per digital page) in order to print them booklet style.

PDF manipulation tools tend to be frustrating.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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