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Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day! Little old Keene NH was really happening today.

6 hours ago
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Show Thirty Six
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: South Korean government planning Linux migration :: Yes, Bitcoin is Back, Again: hits $8,000 :: Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo :: Man fined £90 under the catch all guise of ‘disorderly conduct’ for refusing police public facial recognition on street :: […]

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Very cool!

May 16, 2019
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Show Thirty Five
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: Police Target News Site for Reporting on Dark Web :: States Abusing Drivers License Photos For Facial Recognition Program :: Digital Right to Repair Laws Not So Hot :: PayPal to Charge Refund Tax :: Trump Imposes 25% Tax and Says He's In No Rush to Solve China Trade War :: You've Heard of Traffic Court, Well, Get Ready for Copyright Court :: DuckDuckGo Pushing New Violent Thugish Do-Not-Track Law :: Pate

May 12, 2019
Mr Penguin

Freedom Decrypted, that tech show with a freedom slant is going live in 3 2 1.. 5:00 PM eastern. https://freedom We'll be covering the latest proposal to ban Bitcoin by a congress critter and Trumps 25% nationwide tax that went into effect Friday. And much more.

May 11, 2019
Mr Penguin

Breaking news: Co-host denied entry to Japan. Apparently paying ones debt to society and being released from prison means nothing in Japan. Despite a youthful error and having paid the price Mark Edge of Free Talk Live (a major syndicated radio show I also co-host) has been rejected entry into the country despite having been released over 20 years ago- for a crime not of his choosing. Unfortunate circumstances.

May 09, 2019
Mr Penguin

Help us demonstrate that the free market works and tell JetBlue you won't be flying with them again unless they kill the creepy facial recognition pilot program in its entirety.

May 06, 2019
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Show Thirty Four
Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: A glitch is breaking all Firefox extensions :: Law enforcement seizes dark web market :: Labels Argue We Don't Have to Travel to Russia to Sue Stream-Rippers :: Apple Is Telling Lawmakers People Will Hurt Themselves if They Try to Fix iPhones :: Google says it's reviewed over 1M suspected terrorist videos :: New "Small Claims" Bill Welcomed by Rightsholders, Feared by Copyright Troll Fighters :: Faceboo

May 05, 2019
Mr Penguin

Did you know that the leading freedom slanted tech show Freedom Decrypted is about to start streaming live? At 5PM eastern today we'll be covering Julian Assange's arrest, why Firefox broke last night for everyone, the latest and ?greatest? from Canonical (19.04), Fedora 30th release, and cover the ongoing censorship debacles from around the world (like Russians are getting there own "internet").

May 04, 2019
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Listen in to our next episode of Freedom Decrypted and find out what people think of coinstars new bitcoin machines being rolled out at thousands of stores. Good, bad or some combination of both?

April 30, 2019
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Why would BitCoin be responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents thereof?

April 28, 2019
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Show Thirty Three
Ubuntu Linux 19.04 'Disco Dingo' has been released :: Google pulls TikTok from Play Store in India following government censorship order :: Starz Goes on Twitter Meta-Censorship Spree to Cover Up TV-Show Leaks :: EU Council of Ministers Approves Copyright Directive, Including Article 17 (13) :: Swedish man jailed in Ecuador over alleged WikiLeaks involvement ::  :: UK Porn Filters Could Mean Sweaty Palms For Piracy Blockers :: Julian Assange's Prosecution is about Much M

April 23, 2019