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Qualitative researchers: what are common critiques/questions you get in reviews? I was reminded about this document I created last year outlining major critiques and how I have responded but I'm always looking to expand:

I currently cover reviewer comments about:
*quantifying your data
*method justification
*sample size

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Ben Marwick

Here is our poster "Careers in Ruins: Academic Archaeology Job Trends From 2013 - 2023"

It was presented today at by

undergrad Anne Poole. Co-authors include Ailin Zhang, Setareh Shafizadeh & Jess Beck.

Data & code at

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In case you were curious, there's several hundred local volunteer organizers for meet ups scrambling to find ways to stay in touch with their members and each other, and just pure silence from the entire global staff.

If y'all were serious about "paying maintainers" you could do a lot of good right now with a very little bit of money. Paying for meetup or zoom would help a *lot* of marginalized technologists. Or even better, connect them with a new 501c3 parent org.

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a dawn walk

We're doing another 🌻

Meet us IRL in Vancouver on July 27 for...

Our Networks 2024: Does not (cloud) compute.

Think: x x x hanging out on a LAN together to collectively explore what collaboration and online presence looks like when a network is optional--

2 days ago
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Dr. jonny phd

Every time I see any story about how fucked scholarly communication is my first reaction is a) yall know you can just make your own websites right, b) yall know you can just review each others work without a journal giving you permission right, and only then do I arrive at c) ok there are systemic problems but seriously have you considered (a) and (b) and how this is all entirely optional

2 days ago
Zack Batist

@jonny Wild that a doi has become some signifier of scholarly legitimacy, i.e. something worth citing

2 days ago
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Dr. jonny phd

A DOI is literally a URL.
As in a DOI === a URL.
As in {DOI} ==={DOI}.
A DOI is literally a path beneath a single domain that you have to pay a dollar and your soul for.

2 days ago
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Black Trowel Collective

With the fracturing of social media we've decided to start a BTC newsletter to update on what is going on with the collective - publications, microgrants, activism and mutual aid in . We expect to post 1-2 times a month. Sign up here:

2 days ago
Zack Batist

Anyone got any recommendations for CSA baskets in Montreal?

5 days ago
Zack Batist

@adr I got to experience this irl at the film museum in Turin last December. Imagine watching the short cutesy films in the stardew valley movie theatre but on a machine with the form factor of all stardew valley devices

April 15, 2024
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Fer MV

Una pregunta a la comunidad arqueológica que utiliza linux. ¿Qué programa de fotogrametría usáis?
A question to the archaeological community using linux, what photogrammetry software do you use?

April 12, 2024
Zack Batist

Reading Bullshit Jobs while unemployed and looking for meaningful work is a real mood

April 13, 2024
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Dr. jonny phd

From birdsite:

“How are integrity checks done/by who? Internal? Outsourced?"

As now, a combination of approaches will be used. Including AI tools where beneficial and appropriate to spot those aspects that are more easily missed by the human eye, for example some aspects of image manipulation.

So what seemed to be a funder fed up with big publishing was actually just a ploy to launch a new hollow, platformatized attempt to capture more of the publishing process in automated review systems owned by the funder. You only need to appeal to "AI" when there is no reason anyone would ever contribute to something, and nobody has any reason to contribute to something they have no agency or representation in.

We dont need fuckin AI review, the "reviewer crisis" is a byproduct of the rotten publication system, we need shared governance, and peer ownership of the means of information dissemination. Open peer review is about helping each other better our work, not about shoving shit through some corporate validation process.

April 05, 2024
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Dorothea Salo

I sometimes wonder how the whole open landscape (open source, open access, open data) would be different if it had been framed from the start as mutual aid.

March 31, 2024
Zack Batist

When you post a preprint, how do you tend to share it?

If you're comfortable, I'd also love to know your rationale in the replies, as well as your status (career stage, employment situation, discipline) if you feel it's relevant

To be clear, I'm asking about with whom you share the link, not the visibility settings you use when posting the document

March 29, 2024
Zack Batist

@mike @mpe Hopefully others catch on and it encourages the publishers to lower their prices, but I'm not holding my breath

March 28, 2024
Zack Batist

@mike @mpe Or, they see how expensive APCs are getting and they're just trying to save a buck by avoiding to pay additional 3-6k per paper.

March 28, 2024
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Joe Roe

Really interesting point from Pickering & Kgotleng ( – is the preprint model right for all fields?

> [P]osting unreviewed research on a preprint server is not new or controversial [...] But palaeoanthropology is not a field that needs urgent research and rapid breakthroughs. Given the huge and wide public interest in human evolution and our origins, this research field benefits from much slower, measured, and careful research.

March 28, 2024