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Jolene Smith

I've dabbled in the past, but I'm back to messing with image classification. Today I'm trying my hand at training a model in to recognize archaeological images of human remains so I can tag them and move them to a more protected place. If this works, it will spit out a TensorFlow model I can use to sort through 800k images.

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Zack Batist

@aejolene I wonder if this can be potential applied to help with content moderation here on mastodon

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Mathieu Jacomy

The Techno-Anthropology Lab, where I work, has made a video that is far too fun to stay buried in the sad shell of a website that the university has forced upon us, so I share it here. Enjoy!

5 hours ago
Zack Batist

dear photobucket,
just delete my account already you cowards. I don't need another reminder every other day.

20 hours ago
Zack Batist

Why the heck does it take so long to update latex packages? They're mostly like less than a single megabyte

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@scott_bot 🤹

My office at NEH is creating a grant program to support research into the value, impact, & well-being of the humanities, as well as the factors that influence them.

Have you ever wished there were more data *about* the humanities? Please respond to our call for input.

1 day ago
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Niklas Alt

Greetings to all who are into . A while back i was told that people who would like to feel stuck with proprierary solutions as particulary the analysis was more capable than within . Any experiences / opinons on that? I would figure that there are funds for the development of a capable core plugin, especially in relation to overall licensing costs... thanks for sharing 👍

4 days ago
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Robert W. Gehl

Latest post: I experimented with applied in my media ethics class, asking them to come up with a for our experimental instance. The results were really good!

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edit to add: boosts welcome!

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PCI Archaeology

1/3 New recommendation: Schmidt, S. C., and Maddison, M. S. (from @uclarchaeology) (2023). Percolation Package - From script sharing to package publication, Zenodo, ver. 3 peer-reviewed and recommended by Peer Community in Archaeology.

5 days ago
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Emma Stamm

I'm teaching a course called "Scientific Thinking" that's more or less Philosophy of Science meets Science Studies for students w/ no prior exposure to either field. ISO a good movie to show my students- could be a documentary, doesn't have to be- if it's not about science generally it should lend itself to social sci/humanities-inflected discussions exploring, e.g., history; epistemology; social/ cultural/ political dimensions of science etc.

thank you!

November 21, 2023
Zack Batist

Can anyone recommend a good pixelfed instance?

November 18, 2023
Zack Batist

“The burial mound was outside the city walls, in a field dotted with cow pies and large stones. The stones had been arranged geometrically in patterns that were supposed to mean something to the gods. Presumably, the cow pies had fallen at random, although then, as now, the division between what is random in nature and what is purposeful is extremely difficult to determine.” Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

November 18, 2023
Zack Batist

@andreatitolo I think it was caused by the telemetry not being able to connect, which is the main thing that VSCodium seems to do away with, so I might give this a whirl at some point, thanks

November 17, 2023
Zack Batist

Just experienced a weird thing were VSCode would not do basic functions (delete files, local tex rendering) because I wasn't connected to the internet and my account wouldn't sync. Similar to freezes I would get when trying to do basic offline tasks using MS Office apps in places with spotty connections, probably syncing to check on my license

November 16, 2023
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I'll be in 2023 with the amazing @clmorgan and the wonderful @politopoulosa. We'll be talking about the shitshow back at the birdsite and the possibiilties, setbacks and challenges of the Fediverse - Re: Mastodon. Also about why, apparently, everybody loves Bsky better.

To my delight and surprise, the also awesome @mcotsar will be among our co-pannellists. Como se suele decir: "ya estamos todas".

November 14, 2023
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New issue of the Forum Kritische Archäologie explores the compatibility of activism with scientific rigor in archaeology.

November 09, 2023
Zack Batist

@FlintDibble This is also why it's so hard to flip laypeople who believe in pseudoarch, since as a society we've pushed some crazy myths of what science is and entails, and trapped ourselves in a corner with them despite them being fundamentally flawed. This is why talking with pseudoarch believers always devolves into a demented and half-informed epistemology debate, or paranoia about peer-review and legitimization of knowledge etc

November 07, 2023
Zack Batist

@FlintDibble When this happens, they become peripheral participants in archaeology, not complete outsiders. And this is why it feels so disrespectful (to me anyways) when non-archaeologists come in "with all the answers", since they fundamentally undervalue and completely disregard the fluid and flexible mental model that archaeology actually entails (and I think this is true for digital archaeology too, but that's a side-discussion)

November 07, 2023
Zack Batist

@FlintDibble Fieldwork is a crucial aspect of this cognitive development since it's a setting where the facts are still being assembled. Archaeologists take this for granted, but I've observed the a-ha moment when collaborators from other disciplines actually visit a site during fieldwork and see how improvised it all is, seeing the proverbial sausage as a bunch of half-formed meat being stuffed in tubes, and the fundamental shift in perspective that comes rushing in their heads

November 07, 2023