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Kevin Rennie

Australia explores ways to combat widespread of carbon emissions - Deceptive greenwashing practices a major challenge to real climate action

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5 days ago
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David Marler

Australia’s wealthiest 1% are 61% richer than they were before the pandemic and have pocketed $150,000 a minute over the past decade, according to new analysis by Oxfam Australia.

January 16, 2023
Kevin Rennie

“It has emerged no regulator is watching over coal certification, even after one lab confessed to switching results for the multibillion-dollar export industry” ‘Fake coal’ test: how to get away with manipulating data - AFR

January 16, 2023
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Van Badham


Irpin, Ukraine. (If anybody knows the photographer, post it in the replies.)


January 13, 2023
Kevin Rennie

Undertones in India: Going undercover in Hindu supremacy networks
What are the most popular narratives in India? via @globalvoices

January 12, 2023
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Trudy Harpham PhD

An aside on Like many, I used to use Twitter to monitor fast developing political events. This was a bit of a test of for me. There I was, quietly boosting bird pics, science, history, dogs and film reviews when my feed suddenly gives me the Brazil news. Thanks to people I follow. I then used relevant hashtags to boost key news myself. It all worked pretty well and fast and I didn’t feel a need to pop over to Twitter. Good. Cheers.

January 08, 2023
Kevin Rennie
#ClimateCrisis video

A video I prepared for COP26 in Glasgow: Global Weather Disasters 2020 -2021

January 08, 2023
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Andrew Thompson
Carbon Footprint: Big Oil : Climate Change January 07, 2023
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Wolfgang Lucht

I must say, I am concerned that important voices on twitter have not yet switched over to mastodon, and that some of those that have are disappointingly inactive or see it as merely a side-kick. 👉 Don't! Mastodon is distributively owned, ad-free, non-tracking, which is the way social media should be. Free yourselves from the poisonous thought that essential public services can't work unless they're in the hands of tech billionaires. The purchase of twitter was for political control I'd think.

January 06, 2023
Kevin Rennie

Support Freedom of Expression for Everyone, Everywhere @globalvoices

January 04, 2023
Kevin Rennie
January 04, 2023
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Just had a request for a "Share on Mastodon" button for a blog.

As far as I know there's no official "Share on Mastodon" button, but there are several third party options.

If you've used a "Share on Mastodon" button on your site, could you give your recommendations/experiences?

January 03, 2023
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Global Voices
January 03, 2023
Kevin Rennie

Climate change, digital authoritarianism and disinformation campaigns ruled in South Asia in 2022 -
via @rezwan @globalvoices

January 01, 2023
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Dont follow me, follow Greta

Climate strike week 228. The climate crisis doesn’t go on holiday.

December 30, 2022
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Noah Shachtman

RIP, Barbara.

December 31, 2022