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it's 6 years ago that I was lucky enough to be adopted by Emma the Cat. Here she is in all her kitten splendour a few days after arriving…

💖 🥂 🥳

April 24, 2024
peter fyfe

Emma assisting me with a very long lie in


April 16, 2024
peter fyfe

The angel Gabriel from heaven came,
his wings as drifted snow, his eyes as flame;
'The trick,' said he, 'just add tomato sauce,'
most highly flavoured gravy: Gloria!


December 20, 2023
peter fyfe

Emma capturing the vibe… 


November 23, 2023
peter fyfe

Emma demonstrates The Art of Nap.

one from the archive for

October 28, 2023
peter fyfe

How’s your day going?

October 08, 2023
peter fyfe

Emma the cat is glued to the set for the

September 30, 2023
peter fyfe

Emma ponders if she should face the world today… 

September 07, 2023
peter fyfe

remembering the good old days…

my first ever user guide, written circa 1986 for fellow students that hadn't used a computer (or even an ATM) or if they had it was a mainframe terminal

the course taught you how to use Macwrite to write essays

WYSIWYG was all new. 🤣

April 14, 2023
peter fyfe

Saturday groove.

December 24, 2022
peter fyfe

mea culpa
mea maxima culpa
mea needed a culpa…

[adorable cat photo - eye contact

December 20, 2022
peter fyfe

bears the dewey number 636.8 for obvious reasons… 😍

November 09, 2022
peter fyfe

finally finding my feet here so time to toot an
I’m mostly a writer… but have also dabbled in theatre, improv, music, cabaret and art.
do a lot of technical writing and content creation to pay the bills and keep the dream afloat. Wrote my first user guide on a Mac when they didn’t come with hard disks.🤓
on my bookshelves you’ll find Peter Kingsley, Jung, Hillman, Eliade, Corbin, Bachelard, and Gurdjieff… and my playlist can be triangulated by Keith Jarrett, Arvo Pärt, and Kylie.
the rest is mostly taking lots of time to enjoy the slow quiet living of a simple life.
as Tyrion [almost] said, “I drink and I [try to] know things”.

November 05, 2022
peter fyfe

Emma says 'hello'

[adorable cat staring into camera]

November 02, 2022