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A very cool collection of Mavica shots by @EuphoricPenguin22

(FD7/FD91) Photo Dump

(FD7/FD91) Photo Dump - NormalCity.life

August 08, 2023
James S. Aaron

Saving for later. Getting to root shell on a ChromeOS:

"In my experience, it isn't necessary to configure ChromeOS by logging into a Google account after enabling Developer Mode, if you simply want to ditch ChromeOS and flash the UEFI firmware. Just press ctrl+alt+F2 to get a shell, login as chronos (no password), then type `sudo bash` or `sudo -s` to get a root shell."

August 03, 2023
James S. Aaron

"You know that famous "dark web" that journalists crave to write about? (at my request, one journalist once told me what "dark web" meant to him and it was "websites not easily accessible through a Google search".) Well, sometimes I feel like I’m part of that "dark web". Not to buy drugs or hire hitmen. No! It’s only to have a place where I can have discussions without being spied and interrupted by ads."
--Splitting the Web, by Ploum

August 01, 2023