Are there any networking geeks around who might be looking for a fun weekend project?

I am working on a Go-implementation for the babel routing protocol.

May 18, 2023

I started working on a Go implementation of the Babel routing protocol:

Its really interesting to dive into a new project here. I am looking also for some help with it :)

May 06, 2023

I've implemented a small authoritative DNS server which retrieves its zone file from AVM Fritz!Box routers.
Its called Fritz-DNS. Find out more about in my blog post:

January 08, 2023

Today I had my first day as a Software Specialist / R&D at OPAL-RT Germany. These are exciting times as this is the first non-academic position for me! I am looking forward to interesting research and customer projects!

January 02, 2023

Oh well, I just disabled my crossposter and deleted old tweets from my Twitter profile. Twitter's app is also already long gone from my phone. Next step, update my personal blog..

December 19, 2022


On 14-15 November in Nicosia (CY) we had our General Assembly and a tour around the Experimental Laboratory of Many thanks to FOSS partners for hosting the meeting and the facility tour!


November 17, 2022

Is there somebody interested in adopting the domain name? I've used it in the past to host a Chaos-related Scuttlebut pub. However, I stopped operating it a year ago.

So if you are interested in hosting something aweseome, feel free to get into touch with me :)

October 18, 2022