Thilo Buchholz


Currently studying 🇪🇺 Politics and Governance in . Learning a bit of economics on the side. UCM Alumnus (Maastricht).

Passionate about
- empowering youth participation
- advancing European democracy
- achieving world peace and saving the planet

I also feel at home in , , and the Green Youth movement. Every now and then, you might find me with the of B'90/Grüne :)

Please use CWs.

if you have any questions left - read my blog or ask!

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Jon Worth
Funeral for a train

On Saturday 10 Dec, 🇫🇷 & 🇧🇪 are CLOSING a route. Trains will run Mons - Aulnoye-Aymeries for the final time…

To mark this sad occasion, and to send a signal that this is not right, I am organising a “funeral for the train”

Come along! 👇

15 hours ago
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Benthe van Wanrooij

Currently reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed for the first time and would really like to read and hear more about it. Any suggestions?

1 day ago
Thilo Buchholz

Today I was in the in Brussels for a very well-organised conference with the beautiful title: (Digital) Democracy is a Human Right.

The different speakers gave very refreshing impulses that I had not anticipated and was positively surprised and inspired by - I will be sure to share recordings/videos as soon as they're available!


1 day ago
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Dr. Farhana Sultana

Did you know about the Global South Climate Database? It's a free searchable database of climate experts from the Global South to help elevate under-represented voices on . Check it out!

November 20, 2022
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Le Taurillon

Bonjour ! Le Taurillon est le magazine des Jeunes Européens-France, il couvre l’actualité européenne en 7 langues et réunit chaque mois près de 300 000 lecteurs. Notre rédaction est composée de bénévoles et de volontaires en service civique.
Visitez notre site sur :

4 days ago
Thilo Buchholz
Transport Policy - Flights

Just discovered via @jon & @giulio_mattioli: Banning super short-haul flights, while politically attractive, does less than I expected to save aviation fuel and carbon emissions. Food for thought on a Sunday morning :)


Summarising Twitter thread:

3 days ago
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European Commission

It's ! Here are two EU accounts you'll want to follow:

@EC_Commissioner_Breton - The first EU Commissioner to post on Mastodon. Covers topics related to EU single market. A must-follow if you're curious about the evolution of "Twitter 2.0" and how EU law works online.

@EC_REA (European Research Executive Agency) - Follow for funding opportunities under and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, among other programmes.

Stay tuned for more EU accounts coming to Mastodon soon! 👀

5 days ago
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Dave Winer ☘️

Mastodon which is incredibly hot, supports RSS beautifully.

Just add .rss to any account to get the feed. Amazing!

Open that in your favorite feed reader. It’ll work.

Post a screenshot, say what the reader app is.

And pass this on to everyone who uses a feed reader.

Spread the word!

This is a huge deal for the open web.

5 days ago
Thilo Buchholz

Discovering a lot of new artists & albums recently thanks to the yearly ! So many talented artists that my friends and acquaintances listen to that I had no idea of! A great joy 🎶 😊

4 days ago
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Michele Fenzl

Here is my too.

I am an early career at the University of Zurich ( ). My main research interests are in & with a focus on . But I also study (particularly the ), the formation of and politics.

Here to connect with researchers around the world and know more about their work. Happy to everyone!

November 08, 2022
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Tom Theuns
🇪🇺 pol

If you haven't heard about & the football scarf scandal here's a précis:

, the PM of , wore a scarf with a map of 'Greater Hungary' on it to the Hungary-Greece match on Sunday.

It includes parts of EU member & as part of Hungary..

...symbolically laying claim to Ukrainian and Romanian territory like this is no less than Putinist-style imperialism.

Orban once again proves he is an autocratic Trojan horse inside the

November 23, 2022
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Taylor Lorenz

I wrote about a terrifying case of online harassment against a student reporter, that's torn a college campus apart, and the increasing threats student journalists are forced to deal with

November 21, 2022
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German Embassy London

Hi and welcome to the Mastodon account of the German Embassy London! 👋

Follow us for updates on Germany, 🇩🇪-🇬🇧 relations and much more!

November 18, 2022
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Daniel Appelquist

Oh yeah Twitter… that place I go to find people’s mastodon addresses.

November 20, 2022
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Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer Super interesting insider perspective on twitter's development decision re: chronological timelines, quote tweets etc.

November 20, 2022