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Ethan Gates

I've been getting the home digitization kit set up in the new place, now with a ~2011 iMac "donated" by my father-in-law, which is still running decently and making for a nifty home media server/station

The only issue is that the OS can only be max upgraded to 10.13, which cuts off compatibility with a bunch of the latest versions of vrecord dependencies. It still works, but it took some wrangling - I wrote up some notes in case this is a thing anyone else wants to do:

5 days ago
Ethan Gates

I've been out of the loop for a while, are there are any handy recent tools for making an inventory for an analog video collection?

In particular the use case is a closet full of (probably) VHS and 3/4" Umatic at a local community access TV station!

Digitization and eventual upload to (at least) Internet Archive are likely, but need to start with just getting a handle on what's there. Where are we reaching these days?

May 22, 2023