Ethan Gates

Software preservation. Moving image archivist/technician. Soviet Cinema enthusiast. Passionate about film, TV, audiovisual cables. He/him.

Ethan Gates

Howdy! If you're interested at all in the BitCurator/EaaSI crossover hackathon next week at iPres, why not sign up for our dedicated Slack space?

If you're not going to Amsterdam, no worries - neither am I! We hope the hackathon can be a launching pad for a number of ongoing communal documentation and scripting projects that we've always wanted to see/make. Suggest, converse, contribute!

September 13, 2019
Ethan Gates

Successfully migrated all personal files from Google Drive to a Nextcloud instance on a Digital Ocean droplet!

Also got Collabora Online running with it for in-browser editing and sharing - seemed like it had a lower overhead than OnlyOffice, a bit finicky to set up but seems to be working well

September 07, 2019
Ethan Gates

Any Archivists Toolkit users remember an issue where you set up your local MySQL database, install AT, initialize and connect the database, launch AT and log in and it just....doesn't do anything?

August 28, 2019
Ethan Gates

Changes are coming to The Patch Bay!

Disappointed about the lack of new content for the past uhhhhhh year? I'm working to fix that. Read more here:

August 24, 2019
The_BFOOL shared a status by vickysteeves
Vicky Steeves

Hello current & potential users! We're hoping y'all might take a brief ~5 min survey to help us get an idea of who you are & the features you want us to prioritize as we continue to develop 🖥️

Here's the survey (and feel free to share the link to any interested parties/networks!):

August 20, 2019
Ethan Gates

Love to spend all morning prepping a presentation to the university library community that then does not happen because the IT guy "spaced"

August 14, 2019
Ethan Gates

So I finally feel ready to start tackling the Great Google Divorce (it will be a long, and, given my preference for Android, possibly fruitless journey, but let's see where it goes)

First up: replacing Drive and Docs. I think I want to go with Nextcloud + OnlyOffice integration: anyone have hosting recommendations??

August 13, 2019
Ethan Gates

Hey! Follow along with the shared notes for our EaaSI/FCoP workshop today: "Multithreading Software Preservation and Emulation"

August 02, 2019
The_BFOOL shared a status by vickysteeves
Vicky Steeves

is blocking users based on national origin, citing US trade controls law restrictions....

People from , , , , and North Korea woke up one day to lose access to all their public and private repositories. There's reporting that even people *who traveled* to any of those countries in the last 2 years are losing their data...

And has not said ONE WORD ABOUT IT.


Read more:

July 27, 2019