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the other day @joel let me know that my blog was fugly in dark mode

The full fugliness of NEVER NOT ONCE looking at my blog in dark mode was even more apparent on pages that used admonitions (see before after below).

As a total beginner, I welcome all help I can get, even if it just a screenshot and a "heads up!"

January 31, 2023

wake up with headache
stare at backlit rectangle
I am not that smart

January 22, 2023

Yesterday, 19 January 2023,

Photo by Vincent Lebret

Gotta fight for your right to retire.

January 20, 2023

What a nice website that I certainly have no use for whatsoever and would never ever think, not even for a second, to use...

Anna’s Archive

"Spread the word: everyone is welcome here!"

January 20, 2023

A student just started their essay with the phrase, "A long time ago, in the 1990s..."

Gonna go get a tea before I read anymore.

January 14, 2023


To begin: A little nod to those creators out there helping me procrastinate...

@thelinuxEXP and @TLENick

Then, to the apps that let me waste time...
@megalodon and @tut

And, the chuckles... can't forget to laugh a little, even if sometimes the news is a little dark

January 06, 2023

I wrote about Claws Mail today

An email client that keeps things light and straightforward

January 06, 2023

Many Canadians learned about Marshall McLuhan through the famous Heritage Minute ("The Medium is The Message").

Here he is in 1977. Quite prescient, I think.

(video from Benjamin Carlson on Twitter

January 04, 2023

OK Internet, time to surf the information highway... Here is a nice link, possibly a good article to read. Ah, I see... I need to activate JavaScript. And cookies. And DOM storage. Good. Oh, now I need to click on boxes with pictures of tractors. Now I need to slide a puzzle piece. Now I need to hold down on a button. Now I need to deactivate Adblock, accept cookie policy, close that accordion box thing, ignore that login message from Google and... A flippin paywall?! Just let me read it!

January 03, 2023
January 02, 2023

From /r/mapporn

Variety is the spice of life!

November 13, 2022