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New Obsidian MD update with table editor!

November 21, 2023
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Selling my collection of Canon EF lenses and possibly my 6D as well to fund for my upgrade to the mirrorless world (planning on getting the mark II. Sold my 1" compact G7X mark II and finding an alternative compact is no fun. Seems there's no new options for a few years now. Might have to just forgo the zoom and get my dream camera - the .

November 19, 2023
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Ars Technica: Highly invasive backdoor snuck into open source packages targets developers.

November 11, 2023
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Good one today!
874 2/6


November 10, 2023
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Started making my first using on a ! Also tried using for the first time while setting up .

Not sure of the difference between using to install services or installing via the dietpi-software list. Anyhow, I'm enjoying the process so far! But soon I'll have to learn how to expose my Pi to the Internet via reverse proxies or tunnels. It is very intimidating, hope it works!

November 06, 2023
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I made a data dashboard with for the coffee I have in my freezer. It's the first time using Looker Studio, so I'd be grateful for any comments or feedback! The tables and charts are cross-filtering, so the info should change depending on what has been selected. The reset button reverts the report to the default view.

November 04, 2023
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I've started using again on my (took a long break from it as I couldn't run the latest LR updates on my with ). Sadly, even with 16GB ram, I'm running into the yellow memory pressure zone... With swap hovering from 500MB to 2GB, and even up to 5.78GB at one point. I already quit all other apps. When I do upgrade, I definitely need a Pro chip for my with at least 32GB RAM.

November 02, 2023
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Is it time to start looking for another browser? I've read from some blog that Mozilla might not including Firefox in their future plans. I've been a Firefox user for as long as I can remember.... :(

October 30, 2023
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Love this story! I wish I can learn how to fix bugs (simpler ones compared to this) in the open source software I use too...

October 19, 2023