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rodtrent :verified:

Premium capabilities in Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management are now generally available

March 01, 2023
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rodtrent :verified:

Been waiting to talk about this! I'll be digging into this at @mmsmoa this year.

The Microsoft Intune Suite fuels cyber safety and IT efficiency

March 01, 2023
Christian Müller

Attention! Microsoft Defender issue!

Starting with security intelligence version 1.381.2140.0 (or others depending on OS) Attack Surface Reduction (ASR) will remove .LNK files in start menu and taskbar once they are clicked on. This will trigger an ASR alert in some but not all cases ("Block Win32 API calls from Office macro"). Setting this to audit might help.

This is affecting every environement I have looked at now, so just wanted to share it so as many people as possible.

January 13, 2023
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Andy Robbins

New blog post out: Passwordless Persistence and Privilege Escalation in Azure.


In this blog post I explain how new passwordless authentication mechanisms like Azure's Certificate Based Authentication can be subverted by adversaries to establish long-term stealthy persistence, and explain a built-in privilege escalation primitive that exists in CBA.

December 21, 2022
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Alexis Brignoni :python: :donor:

Ads & trackers.
Compare and contrast.
🐘​ vs 🐦​

November 06, 2022
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Fabian Bader

Hello mastodon friends, I built a new website to better search for .

It is a searchable and filterable list of all Analytics rules in the public repository built automatically twice a day.

Feedback welcome

November 18, 2022
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Em :official_verified:

If you are new here,

I've compiled this list of toots (posts) that I wrote with tips for newcomers, while I slowly return to focusing on different topics a little more.

I hope these can be helpful to you! Welcome! 🐘✨

Profile Page 👤

Mastodon Features :mastodon_oops:​

Content Warnings ⚠️

Alt-Text 📝

Filters 🚫

Lists 🗂

Culture :ablobsmile:​

Fediverse :geodesic:​

Questions ❓

More Resources 👇

‣ Wonderful site to get a great summary of how Mastodon works :rainbowdance:​

‣ Browse this hashtag to see more of my tips:

‣ Browse this hashtag to see more Mastodon and Fediverse tips:

‣ Follow this great account for regular Mastodon tips in your timeline: @feditips

November 11, 2022
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Hello, Mastodon

November 18, 2022
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Lee Holmes :donor:

Reminder: Put your handle in your Twitter bio so that tools like fedifinder can help folks find and follow you!

November 18, 2022
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Gavin Ashton :unverified: :donor:

Hey folks please share this out - I'm looking for feedback on this ransomware recovery workflow that serves as a framework on which organizations can consider their approach and readiness towards ransomware resilience.

Also interested to see what kind of traction Mastodon has vs Twitter 😊

November 17, 2022
Christian Müller

Looking forward to this change in .

Policies for , , and Self-Service Password Reset in one place. You can start migrating now, legacy policies will be deprecated in January 2024.

November 17, 2022
Christian Müller

Welcome @HeikeRitter, nice to see you here! 😀​

November 16, 2022
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Lesley Carhart :unverified:

Y’all, if you’re getting frustrated you’re not seeing the content you want to like news or intel you need on Mastodon, you really need to shift your thinking from algorithmic social media. Follower counts don’t matter much here. Likes do not matter to post reach. Without your interaction, you will just see a live FIFO firehose. Some quick fixes:

Hashtag your posts liberally and consistently, and follow key hashtags of interest to you. Hashtags matter a ton here to being seen.

Follow and also alert on accounts you always want to see content from.

Consider using the built in RSS feature for your feeds and for specific hashtags.

Consider switching to the more advanced UI in your preferences, so you can watch multiple filtered and unfiltered feeds. Or a different mobile app.

Use Fedifinder to follow all the accounts you followed on Twitter, and sync up your follow and block lists.

Avail yourself of the multiple public lists of hundreds of journalist accounts on Mastodon.

November 16, 2022
Christian Müller
November 15, 2022