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followbots get suspensions, no exceptions

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Darius Kazemi
twitter decentralization, in the news

Extremely pleased to have provided the closing quote for this Verge article on the Twitter decentralization announcement.


5 hours ago

And with that my collection of official Homestuck music is complete until whenever a new album comes out, i.e. Pesterquest finishes and gets its own album.

Thanks to the Homestuck Sound Test collection currently curated by sanctferum, I even have old removed songs, e.g. Bill Bolin's tracks.

12 hours ago

Act 7, The Grubbles separated from the compiled albums and metadata corrected, Hiveswap Act 1 OST's album tags corrected, and Hiveswap Friendsim downloaded with nothing to correct

12 hours ago

And by love I mean absolutely hate. That's 1.9 gigs of zipped FLACs to extract a single 100 meg FLAC.

13 hours ago

Also I love how I have to download the entire Volume 9 & 10 albums to get "Overture (Canon Edit)" which used to be on its own single album, Act 7

13 hours ago

coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A was an oddball album, because when What Pumpkin did their album consolidation earlier this year instead of setting both c&m albums to private and uploading a new combined album, they kept up the Universe A album and added Universe B's tracks to it then renamed the album to coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A & B
Had to delete the duplicate Universe B tracks then bulk change the album tag for the Universe A tracks so that Tagstuck would see it.

13 hours ago

Got almost the full Homestuck discography downloaded and tags corrected (only missing Act 7, The Grubbles, Hiveswap Act 1, and Friendsim albums. And I actually have HS Act 1's OST through Humble, just not lossless)

13 hours ago
re: testing, politely ignore

@compufox :ms_gay:

16 hours ago

I've never watched Code Ment, or the original Code Geass for that matter, but the "I'm at soup" scene is still so fucking funny

18 hours ago

@compufox :ava: :ms_speech_bubble: I'm at soup!

18 hours ago

sucks when you miss a person and you could reach out and talk to them but you wouldn't know what to talk about and don't want to bother and annoy them

1 day ago
re: ukpol, selfie

@colon_three 1) holy shit you're pretty 2) yay for doing a democracy

1 day ago
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what you should post if you are finally admitting that you're a furry

I fought the paw and the paw won

1 day ago
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Bobby Moss

It worries me that the free software community gets the "how" for making GPL-licensed federated equivalents to popular web services, but they rarely understand the "why".

This is evidenced when new services pop up with poor/missing moderation controls and no ability for users to downloading & migrate their data.

If users who don't or can't self-host are expected to swap one unaccountable group for another, and the community is no better, then there is no benefit to them for making the switch.

3 days ago
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people really hate disabled people huh

3 days ago
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"how are you going to survuve a revolution" its ALL OUR JOBS to make sure EVERYONE survives a revolution. revolutions are to make people HAPPIER and INCREASE QOL. its not sacrifice the neurodivergents because theyre inconvenient

3 days ago

@queeranarchism Don't get me wrong, it's fucking awful and I am not defending the agreement or the FTC's view of channel owners as liable operators.

3 days ago


If the content is directed to children and if the channel owner, or someone on its behalf (for example, an ad network), collects personal information from viewers of that content (for example, through a persistent identifier that tracks a user to serve interest-based ads), the channel is covered by COPPA.


And YouTube/Google are still liable as well (there's several pages of compliance requirements in the judgement)

3 days ago

@queeranarchism regarding COPPA, it's not YouTube's "interpretation", it's the terms of the $170 million settlement between YouTube and the Federal Trade Commission. YouTube cannot unilaterally fix it.

3 days ago
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a package of batteries 🔋
a metaphor responding to scientific racism/sexism (racist violence mention)

If more houses in neighborhood A last fifty years than houses in neighborhood B, but neighborhood B has been firebombed during that period by police helicopters, it is disingenuous and actively harmful to insist on arguing that the difference might be explained by differences in building codes.

5 days ago