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Troy Davis

Unpopular Ventures published their 2023 annual report:

as usual, it's more transparent than literally any other VC.

(disclosure: I'm an LP in their rolling fund - partly because they have the guts to post public updates.)

August 10, 2023
Troy Davis

how long has it been since one of your friends offered to carry the note on a $270,000 RV? (

August 06, 2023
Troy Davis

Seattle farmers market food truck opportunity: Mexican corn on the cob (elote).

it's available at the Burien farmers market, but not at any of the largest farmers markets.

for many customers, it will be the their first elote. keep it simple: garlic spread, butter, and lime.

August 04, 2023
Troy Davis

Schuh Farms will be at Capitol Hill Farmers Market again tomorrow ( probably the best boysenberries I've tasted.

July 30, 2023
Troy Davis

I took a 4-day jaunt around Skagit County. assorted highlights:

* Skagit Bay Estuary hike:,

* Hart's Farmstead at Mount Vernon Farmers Market. Marionberries from Schuh Farms.

* KSVU 90.1 - broadcasting from Hamilton, WA, population 298:

* bread: I tried Shambala Sunset, Breadfarm Chuckanut, and Snohomish Bakery multigrain. SnoBake was easily my favorite.

July 19, 2023
Troy Davis

Hart's Farm at the Mount Vernon (WA) Farmers Market has Salanova lettuce, which might be the finest "normal" lettuce I've ever tasted.

Salanova seeds cost 10x+ more than standard lettuce seeds, maybe even 20x. there's a reason why.

(more: , , ,

July 15, 2023
Troy Davis

recent status. the cloud thinks anyone who can't tell a panda from a koala from a bespectacled sheep is subhuman

July 15, 2023
Troy Davis
July 09, 2023
Troy Davis

have too many fingers? Kiwi Kom Kom makes a watermelon knife:

(Kiwi Kom Kom knives are great, particularly for the price: . start with a nakiri, either from the set and/or #22

July 08, 2023
Troy Davis

I added the Mindfulness app as an Apple Watch home screen icon (sorry, "complication").

mindfulness minutes went way up. hopefully actual did too 🙂

I've got it set to 5 minutes per session. pro tip: you can change its target breath rate from 4-10 per minute. that option is only shown on the Watch phone app, though.

July 04, 2023
Troy Davis

achievement unlocked: I put cheese on beans. on

if you've eaten regular blue cheese and thought "I bet this would be more interesting if it was was twice as funky. Or, like, three or five or ten times.." then (a) DM me, we're already friends, and (b) you'll also enjoy Ambrosi Gorgonzola Piccante.

June 24, 2023
Troy Davis

2017: I tweeted a screenshot of Amazon's Prime and @ mentioned the FTC, since it clearly violated their guidelines:

and today:

"FTC Takes Action Against Amazon for Enrolling Consumers in Amazon Prime Without Consent":

more in WaPo:

June 21, 2023