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skeptical optimist. everything is an experiment.

🔗,,,,, ex 9600 8-N-1.

Troy Davis

Rite Aid acquired Bartell Drugs, which had 2 stores in/near Capitol Hill (Seattle). Rite Aid had a 3rd.

Rite Aid closed all 3. Closing 2 makes sense, but I don't understand 3.

1 Rite Aid/Bartell store was equidistant from the other 2. Even if only 50% of customers moved, the remaining store's pharmacy traffic would have doubled. How could that not have been profitable?

Rite Aid moved rxes to a Walgreens. That store has 10-20 people in the rx pickup line all day.

December 15, 2023
Troy Davis

on custom-fitting and designing/building chairs - particularly high-back lounge chairs - here's the most useful documents I found.

* Grew-Sheridan chair-fitting jig. it's pretty easy to build and mostly flat-packs:

* samples of ~2.8 lb/cf high density/high resilience foam.

* visit an Ekornes retailer (cold-cured molded foam - fantastic but not available for one-offs) and a mid-range chain store (foam, hopes & dreams). bring an angle finder.

December 07, 2023
Troy Davis

combined Bluebird Grain Farms spelt, Lucky Foods Seoul cabbage kimchi, a sliced over-ripe Bosc pear, and a bottomless pour of toasted sesame oil

November 29, 2023
Troy Davis

obviously Barry Corbin should be CEO of OpenAI

November 27, 2023
Troy Davis

welp, at least now we know what the weekend after AGI sentience will look like.

they'll be a "Sorry" tweet. remaining humans will negotiate with the AGI, agreeing to resign if it resumes unconsciousness.

November 20, 2023
Troy Davis

placed my first order from Xometry for a manufactured part.

ask me anything about being completely clueless about low-volume outsourced manufacturing 🧐

Xometry has dozens of process+material options: qty 1 of a fairly simple 1x1" part modeled in Fusion 360 is roughly:

* 3D printed plastic: $7 (I'm using PC-ABS)
* 3D printed steel: $45
* CNC machined stainless steel: $60
* Urethane rubber: $300

November 12, 2023
Troy Davis

my friends at Tomorrow Biostasis are hiring a Chief Marketing Officer in Berlin:

if cryonics is new to you or you haven't already read Tim Urban's "Why Cryonics Makes Sense" doc, start here:

November 11, 2023
Troy Davis

The last time I tried brewing decaf at home, Swiss Water Process was the gold standard… and it all tasted like coffee-flavored tea 😬

A newer process called Ethyl Acetate (AKA Sugarcane) changes that.

I ordered 2 EA decaf roasts recommended by people[1] who tried 10+. They're solid. I recommend Merit Sugarcane Decaf:

Tips: use a full-body brew method (flat-bottom pourover cone, French press; not V60); grind fairly coarse.


November 08, 2023
Troy Davis

"Improving deep sleep may prevent dementia":

Among the age 60+ sample, "Even adjusting for age, sex, cohort, genetic factors, smoking status, sleeping medication use, antidepressant use, and anxiolytic use, each percentage decrease in deep sleep each year was associated with a 27 per cent increase in the risk of dementia."

the HN comments are also worth reading. commenters discover that they have a genetic marker for potentially slower caffeine metabolism.

November 02, 2023
Troy Davis

Here's how to shut down robocallers and text message spammers:

Don't just block them – report the abuse to the spammer's telecom provider and get their phone number disconnected. In about 90 seconds, your report can stop a spammer.

November 01, 2023
Troy Davis

watched "Building and expanding the realtime BGP collector" from NANOG. if you know anything about peering, this part will blow your mind:

yes, that's an SFP.

I think has a friendlier UI, but is impressive for what seems like a solo project.

October 24, 2023