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Troy Davis

Upgrading to macOS 14.4.1 seems to replace the system's FileVault key, at least when the key is not stored in iCloud.

I just encountered this and there's plenty of other reports: ,

It's not mentioned in the 14.4 docs. Maybe an undisclosed vulnerability?

April 11, 2024
Troy Davis

@rochelle No. I dine out a lot and I've never encountered this.

Only place I've seen explicit limits is coffee shops, since customers would otherwise "camp" with a laptop all day. Maybe they get parties watching sports on TV or something, though.

April 05, 2024
Troy Davis

I planted seeds of 3 world-class varieties of purple/black heirloom tomatoes - just to give the plants away in about a month.

About 30 germinated. So far, friends have reserved 18. Hopefully these are the best tomatoes they've ever tasted πŸ™‚

I planted these, chosen for taste intensity, yield, and chances of success in Seattle:

Adelaide Festival:

Dwarf Metallica:

Fred's Tie Dye:

March 26, 2024
Troy Davis

Honeyhole Sandwiches is open again:

At least from one sandwich, the Waverider has returned to the standards of the original owners. Turkey is turkey, smoked gouda is distinctly smoked, bread is chewy but not tough. πŸ‘

March 26, 2024
Troy Davis
March 20, 2024
Troy Davis

companies and products that I've been impressed with recently:

Hero automated pill dispenser:

Dirt Rally, which actually runs on macOS ( + buy a third-party Steam key)

Swim Guru (Seattle area):

Wine Squirrel wine preserver:

"Broadcasts" for Apple platforms (

March 14, 2024
Troy Davis

I bought 6 bare-root boysenberries from the farm of Rudy Boysen's granddaughter in Orland, CA. They were very well packed.

I'm soaking and transplanting them now. A friend wants 2, then I'll probably grow 2 indoors under grow lights and 2 outdoors.

March 09, 2024
Troy Davis

Tried online dating with OkCupid. Disclaimer: small sample size.

Tons of zombie profiles. >80% of my intros weren't acted on (not even rejected/passed) - they're still pending in someone's inbox, probably alongside many other intros.

My guess is that this is why OkCupid keeps removing features: the pool of active users has shrunk too much to make niche matches likely.

I wish profiles showed roughly when someone was last active (acted on an intro) - a week, a month, longer.

March 03, 2024
Troy Davis

How to make Airbnb better: along with a review, make guests list one thing that they didn't love or would change about the property.

From day 1, Airbnb tacitly encouraged bland 5-star reviews. They wanted the same fluffy 5-star reviews that hotel chain sites have.

12+ years later, the culture still discourages constructive criticism – even though that's what would help prospective guests. With so many properties, the lack of differentiation is a liability.

February 28, 2024