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Troy Davis

How to make Airbnb better: along with a review, make guests list one thing that they didn't love or would change about the property.

From day 1, Airbnb tacitly encouraged bland 5-star reviews. They wanted the same fluffy 5-star reviews that hotel chain sites have.

12+ years later, the culture still discourages constructive criticism – even though that's what would help prospective guests. With so many properties, the lack of differentiation is a liability.

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Troy Davis

transplanting indoor lettuce heads while half-watching Ambassadors.


February 04, 2024
Troy Davis

Troy's Laws #372: No builder shall use a wood with a Janka hardness less than oak (1290) for flooring.

Use red oak, use white oak, stain it however you want. Ash and hard maple are also fine.

A builder who uses a comically-soft species for flooring - including Douglas fir, cedar, cherry, and walnut - shall be subject to someone walking it on high heels the morning before buyer acceptance.

January 25, 2024
Troy Davis

I'd like OnTrac's shipment tracker to include the "Driver has hurled package in the general direction of dwelling" event

January 24, 2024
Troy Davis

Ben at Feedbin (@feedbin) released fixable RSS feeds:

I suggested something like this in 2022. After 10 (!) years as a happy Feedbin customer, some of my feeds had changed URLs without redirecting. To test the idea, I manually re-retrieved the current RSS autodiscovery URL for each dead feed. It worked.

Ben's implementation is much better than I hoped for 🙂

January 15, 2024
Troy Davis

Stack-and-slam wire wedging should be the wedging method that ceramics classes teach:

Somehow it's still hidden in a few YouTube videos and Reddit threads.

Unlike spiral and Ram's head wedging, there's no risk of carpal tunnel or wrist strain, it's hard to do wrong, and one can quickly wedge any amount of clay that can be lifted.

January 08, 2024
Troy Davis

I ordered an AirGradient air quality monitor:

Why ? 3 reasons:

1. Documented sensors & accuracy: . Others hide it.

2. First-class Home Assistant support. The device doesn't depend on AirGradient:

3. A vision for AQ monitors to become a commodity, so monitoring is everywhere:

(alternatives: Atmotube Pro doesn't track CO2; Awair Element will die when they pull )

January 07, 2024
Troy Davis

Spammers are sending hundreds of millions of messages through infrastructure. They seem to be exploiting Exchange Online Protection (EOP), but to relay outbound spam, not filter inbound mail.

Hundreds of stolen EOP creds? New Exchange Hybrid or EOP exploit?

As says, it's sure not designed for this.

As other people have noted, Microsoft's abuse department has done nothing:

January 04, 2024