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🔗,,,,, ex 9600 8-N-1.

Troy Davis

I'm replacing a few hard-wired smoke alarms due to age. the online comments are specific and awful. apparently all smoke alarms still suck?

the First Alert 3120B sounds a tiny bit less awful than the Kidde/Firex i4618AC… but the Kidde has a 1.6 out of 5 on their own site, so that's not saying much?

I don't need a 10 year sealed battery, but I do want an alarm that can go many years on an Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery. the battery is only used for the ~2 hours/year when 120V power is out.

11 hours ago
Troy Davis

drinking 1 of the 5 bottles of Anchor Steam that I had when Anchor Brewing Company went bankrupt.

farewell Anchor Steam, hello summer.

if anyone knows of an obtainable substitute, I'd like to hear it. is there another lager brewed with ale yeast? Altbier? California Common? I came up empty on Reddit. I'm not into , I just miss Anchor Steam in the summer.

May 13, 2024
Troy Davis
May 12, 2024
Troy Davis

In Seattle, today is tomato planting day #1. The future is bright, or at least warm at night.

May 09, 2024
Troy Davis

achievement unlocked: drove 400 miles in a minivan without bumping any rigid objects

May 01, 2024
Troy Davis

Here's what an organized Substack / Hacker News plagiarism campaign looks like:

April 25, 2024
Troy Davis

Upgrading to macOS 14.4.1 seems to replace the system's FileVault key, at least when the key is not stored in iCloud.

I just encountered this and there's plenty of other reports: ,

It's not mentioned in the 14.4 docs. Maybe an undisclosed vulnerability?

April 11, 2024
Troy Davis

I planted seeds of 3 world-class varieties of purple/black heirloom tomatoes - just to give the plants away in about a month.

About 30 germinated. So far, friends have reserved 18. Hopefully these are the best tomatoes they've ever tasted 🙂

I planted these, chosen for taste intensity, yield, and chances of success in Seattle:

Adelaide Festival:

Dwarf Metallica:

Fred's Tie Dye:

March 26, 2024