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OPUS III vs ORBITAL : It's A Fine Day (10bz Halcyon Re-vox)

Both tracks are awesome and highly influential stand alone. A festive mix like this makes me think of long drives with my significant other rocking sweet mix tapes. Multiple decades on, I’m grateful we can still do that. Time is a relentless bastard, stay vertical out there.

8 hours ago

my favourite project that no one has really heard of unless you were in a dark nordic club in 90s and caught me sneaking in a dj or live pa set. Some days I sit down and make new dj mindstalker but never really publish it. fixing that for 2020.

The one time I did press some white labels for this EP takes me back to a time walking down the european high streets with the sounds of Faithless enticing you to buy fabulous footwear

2 days ago

from the I'm not terribly bothered it's this old file...
Walkman is 40 this year. Sony have released an absolutely redank priced droid phone anniversary audio player? Trying to remember how we survived skipping tracks and changing tapes but here we are. Format adjacent thought, I really enjoyed the limitations and challenges of 4 track cassette recording in my early days of electronic music production.

2 days ago

This highly influencial 1920s worker abuse saga had everything incl smear campaigns and collusion.

"[G]race Fryer decided to sue, but it took two years for her to find a lawyer willing to take on U.S. Radium. Even after the women found a lawyer, the slow-moving courts held out for months. At their first appearance in court on January 1928, two women were bedridden and none of them could raise their arms to take an oath."

3 days ago

From the not ready for it to be this old file... the album III Odyssey of the Mind by Die Krupps in a few months time turns 25!! Easily considered peak Die Krupps certainly of their post 80s electro metal fusion material, this is one that is a no brainer to let play beginning to end.

4 days ago

it doesn't always sound like dystopian dental surgery at an abattoir around here. my house music collab project just released a new track. UNITE!

-sa 🏠🎵

December 07, 2019

“With the popularity of Spotify and other streaming services, some might think that album craft is a dying art; but it’s something that music fans will never let disappear, and it is quite clear that some thought went into the construction and track order of Pentalogy” -Altearoa

reminder to do enjoy the entire catalogue for FREE or donation.

December 07, 2019

How the heck did i miss joe pera "reads you back to sleep" for years? I havent enjoyed radio collage this much since since benjamin walkers "your radio nightlight" and joe franks "work in progress"

December 07, 2019