drum word action

toward an open and just world one angry track at a time


breaking dj hiatus! that's it, after weeks of 14 hr days 7 days a week, I am taking an hour off to keep the 80s pumping after @snowdusk

join me live at the top of the hour
on @tilderadio 0200 UTC for to pump a jam or twelve

let's go



5 days ago

what could go wrong?

gigs and gigs of raw sewerage. I guess at least it's a standing document of humanity's inanity and uselessness.

April 05, 2021

power and the passion

no matter what building or farming project i'm onto or how many tools and crap I may have in my hands or even if I'm up a ladder, when a midnight oil song comes on I DO THE PETER GARRETT DANCE! every time, no exclusions. you might consider this at your own risk.

March 27, 2021

The Great Cowbell Battle 🐄 🔔
final battle in round 1 brackets!

Please take the chance to check out tracks you don't know as most in the tournament are righteous jams.

Check often so you can vote everyday in the new cowbell battle. There are 10 groups in Round 1 and the winners from each + 6 best other results go thru. a little light fun maybe enlightening?

And now here is a brutal Round 1 Group J. Get voting and BOOST!


March 25, 2021