Formally and informally trained composer recovering from a decade of silence. Learning how to record my own songs. I live in Sweden.

Here are some other things I do, in approximate order of occurrence:
• Parent a toddler
• Feed the cats
• Manage the local green party
• Enjoy unintense games
• Re-ink my pens
• Digital photography
• Run an OpenBSD mail server
• Study philosophy
• Teach
• Angling
• Scheme (with CHICKEN)


Currently working on several pieces for a bigger release. Progress is excruciatingly slow – several months per track.

Meanwhile, here's the first version of the first thing I composed since returning to doing music. I'm thinking of making it longer before an actual release.

October 10, 2021

Okay, that's the account set up. Next, I guess, is getting a home timeline going?

October 10, 2021