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The newly released Huawei Mate 60 Pro flagship phone. The phone comes with Huawei's latest Hormony 4.0 system, a Kirin 9000s chip, a satellite phone and 5G standard Internet speeds.
The new flagship device, which reportedly includes a new 5G Kirin 9000s processor developed specifically for Chinese manufacturer Huawei, recently shocked industry experts

September 07, 2023
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How to find and join Telegram channels on Android mobile phone.
he popularity of Telegram has increased exponentially among social media messaging apps. This unique cloud-based messaging service not only allows its users to send messages.
If you are willing to be a part of a Telegram channel that matches your interest but are not sure how to find or join one, we’re here for you! Read on to know all about Telegram channels.

August 25, 2023
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It keeps me from looking at my phone every two seconds.

July 14, 2023
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Samsung has announced a range of new Galaxy smartphones, offering improved cameras and the option of a stylus.
The firm talked up the use of recycled materials such as repurposed fishing nets and used water bottles.
Its "Galaxy for the Planet" is a five-year plan to eliminate plastics in packaging and stop manufacturing waste going to landfill.
Experts welcomed the green initiative.

February 06, 2023
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Google has unveiled its latest smartphone, containing the tech giant's first self-designed computer chip.
The Pixel 6 contains Google's "Tensor" processor, which it says enables new phone features powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.
It is also the first phone in the series with a "Pro" model, designed to compete at the high end of the market.
Google owns and operates the Android platform, used by almost every mobile phone maker apart from Apple.

October 20, 2021
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The Google Pixel 4a is an unbeatable phone for the price and the best in its class if camera performance is your primary concern.
While it can’t match the iPhone SE’s power, the Pixel 4a is the better handset overall.
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February 07, 2021