Good morning Pacenas y Pacenos y Expats living in La Paz y average Gringo visiting 😜
You'll have a good start into the new week here in @LaPazBCS @bcs

1 day ago

My message for the situation if I am killed, is very simple. Don’t give up.
~ Alexei Navalny

2 days ago

Today, on Thursday, February 29, 2024, Google is commemorating 'Leap Day' with a delightful Doodle. The Doodle for Leap Year 2024 features an enchanting depiction of a frog poised in a pond, poised to take a leap from the number 29.

4 days ago

Can't beat those colors.

February 28, 2024

Howling at the moon..... Great moon-set this morning taken at about 06:00hr

February 24, 2024

Cerro Atravesado in La Paz, all clear visible at other end of town - it will be another marvelous day @bcs

February 21, 2024

What country has the best cuisine?

Italy 🇮🇹
India 🇮🇳
China 🇨🇳
Mexico 🇲🇽

February 20, 2024

Nice and sunny bluesky Sunday afternoon - typical La Paz weather as we know it.

February 18, 2024

Living the life..... 😜🤣
This got to be in La Paz....

February 15, 2024

Yes, it's an outdoor toilet on a balcony.
I guess I don't have to name the country.
They should include that as leading image of the interview.
That's what the MAGAdiots cherish.
Have at it! If the comes to power again you'll end up like that in just a few years.
Ask anybody that lived (or just visited) in the former Soviet Union satellite countries like East-Germany, Poland and so on.....

February 12, 2024

“I’m MAGA” !!! Brilliant 😝

February 12, 2024

Cloudy and Grey, I am not happy about this weather - not necessarily a American Football fan here but with that weather I'll join some folks to party and watch Super Bowl LVIII
Have a nice Sunday

February 11, 2024

AI CEOs could be more powerful than the US President
Ian Bremmer of the Eurasia Group explains how a new class of world leaders is emerging thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence.
I say: screw AI - people can not even deal with their natural intelligence, what are they needing artificial one for??

February 10, 2024

Happy Lunar New Year 🧧
Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year.

February 10, 2024

Good morning Pacenas y Pacenos! It must be another marvelous day in the making with this colors during sun-rise time (taken about 06:35hr)

February 08, 2024

Unlikely friends.. 😅
Feel free to join my (advertisement) free channel with occasional entertaining (?), funny (you be the judge) and Geo-politcs and informative related posts.
Silence notification as you wish or leave the channel at any time!

February 03, 2024

Marvelous day at the malecon in La Paz

February 01, 2024

Even if you found a feral child living with wild racoons behind the Dollar General in South-East San Diego, adopted it, and then educated it on absolutely nothing but Jerry Springer reruns and Bud Light nutrition facts, it would still make a better neighbor as the piece of shit "friend" for 2 years I find out was stealing from me, not even counting the lies in he dished out.
Yep, also La Paz has it dark spots!

January 30, 2024

Outstanding afternoon in La Paz, sunny, light breeze with excellent view at Cerro Atravesado.

January 29, 2024