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Happy Art's Birthday! Our Roundabout show for ORF has filtered down to some podcast portals and is e.g. available here:

January 17, 2023
Mobile Radio

Eine kleine Liste von deutschsprachigen Zeitungen, die wöchentliche Radiotipps gibt für öffentlich-rechtliche und freie Sender. Kennt wer noch weitere?

- SZ (nur ö-r):
- nmz (nur ö-r):
- junge Welt (ö-r+freie):

January 08, 2023
Mobile Radio

100 days of radio art edited down to 52 minutes will be broadcast this Sunday at 22:05 on . A perfect entry point to the sonic world of :

January 04, 2023
Mobile Radio

Radio Transmitter Paradox

when it’s on, there is silence
when it’s off, there is noise
who is afraid of dead air
when it really means life

December 28, 2022
Mobile Radio

@marqle Thanks! Found 'em: @ResonanceFM

December 25, 2022
Mobile Radio

@marqle Not sure, we've only just arrived here...

December 23, 2022
Mobile Radio

Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann here - we are radio artists.

In short, is radio by artists.

We like listening to and making radio, mainly of the broadcast variety.

Our radiophonic home is in London which we co-founded. Since 2005 we are Mobile Radio and broadcast from interresting spaces around the world.

Recently we directed a 100-day temporary radio art FM station as part of the European Capital of Culture in Luxembourg:

December 23, 2022