In a little rainy mist of white and grey
we sat under an old tree,
drank tea toasts to the powdery mountain…

—Edwin Morgan, “The Picnic”
in COLLECTED POEMS, Carcanet 2012
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‘Some Kind of Magic Trick’: An Interview with Rodge Glass on JOSHUA IN THE SKY

“Here I was, with one skill – writing – that could ensure, if done right, that Joshua would not be forgotten, in our family, beyond our family too.”

JOSHUA IN THE SKY will be published on 5 September in hardback

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Robert Tannahill: Wi’ love that ne’er shall tine
An evening of poems & music celebrating Tannahill's 250th anniversary

6 June, Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh
Tickets £5/£7

Fred Freeman & John Morran will explore the people’s tradition in relation to in , & Tannahill’s unique body of anti-sectarian, abolitionist & anti-war &

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From high endeavour
On his bright wings,
The wasp is fallen
To evil things…

—Hamish Maclaren, “Wasp & Bee, or, What Now, Moralist?”
Published in Sailor with Banjo (Macmillan, 1930)


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Once did I see
A sounding bee,
Amongst her sweetned swarme…

—Simion Grahame (c.1570–1614), “Madrigall: Of a Bee”
in JACOBEAN PARNASSUS: Scottish Poetry from the Reign of James I (ASL, 2022)

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“THE DYNAMITER is a hugely inventive & brilliant book, at once a political thriller, a blackly comic satire, & a female adventure”

Robert Louis Stevenson & Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne married , 19 May, 1880. In this article, Prof Penny Fielding explores the dangerous between RLS & his wife: granting female agency on the page & in life


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Pale yellow letters
humbly straggling across
the once brilliant red
of a broken shop-face
and a blur of children
at their games, passing…

—Edwin Morgan, “To Joan Eardley”

The artist Joan Eardley (1921–1963) was born , 18 May. Edwin Morgan owned her painting “Sweet Shop, Rotten Row, 1960–1961” (👇 ), & donated it on his death to the Hunterian Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow.

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A feel fur thon wee Lewis keelies stuck in Lunnon
Goggle-e’ed wi chowin the taps aff their shields,
Haimseek fur Norroway ower the faem.

—Jim Alison, “Ingaunees”

3 days ago

CFP: ‘We Are Amused’: Victorian Humour & the Digital
7–8 Nov, Université Caen Normandie

Exploring intersections between & the digital, & investigating the migration of jokes, squibs, spoofs & parodies, verbal & visual, from the pages of comic periodicals to 21st-century screens

Submission deadline: 30 June


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A very warm welcome to our new Honorary Fellows of ASL: Kirsty Archer-Thompson, Prof Deb Narayan Bandyopadhyay, Martin Bowman, William Dalrymple, Prof Leith Davis, Dr Sarah Dunnigan, John Faulkner, Dr Sheila Kidd, Prof Alasdair A. MacDonald, & Dr Jo Miller

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—“Mr. Johnson, (said I) I do indeed come from Scotland, but I cannot help it.”
—“That, Sir, I find, is what a very great many of your countrymen cannot help.”

May 16 is Biographers Day – marking the 1st meeting of James Boswell & Samuel Johnson in 1763


5 days ago

CFP: Voices from the Edge in Scottish Literature, Theatre, & Film

21–22 Nov, Université Savoie Mont Blanc, France

Exploring constructs, developments & transgressions within , , &

Guest speaker: Scottish actor & playwright Matthew Zajac, who will be also performing his critically acclaimed play THE TAILOR OF INVERNESS – the first performance of this play in France

Deadline for submissions: 1 Aug


May 15, 2024