Andreas Zeller

On my way to an IFIP meeting in York Harbor, Maine, meeting lots of awesome colleagues to discuss software implementation technologies

April 23, 2023
Andreas Zeller

I got a 2.5 Million EUR ERC Advanced Grant (my 2nd)! In the project "Semantics of Software Systems" (S3), we will research massive generation of tests and oracles for software. Details (and proposal!) here: Come work with me!

A big "thank you" to all who have helped me with the many proposal revisions and interview rehearsals. Particular 🙏🙏🙏 go to @rahul and @dsteinhoefel – this proposal would not have been possible without you and your work!

March 30, 2023
Andreas Zeller

Super happy to receive a 10-year impact award from . See you in Melbourne!

March 28, 2023
Andreas Zeller

As a grant panel member, I frequently get reviews of grant proposals that praise the work but still give lots of advice for improvement. This can very quickly sink the proposal. Let me tell you why.

Panels _rank_ grant proposals. Which ones are the best that deserve funding? This is a _political_ process. Panel members will do their best to champion their favorite proposals and often oppose others.

February 23, 2023
Andreas Zeller

Semantic Fuzzing! Wed 11:00 at in Paderborn, join @dsteinhoefel and me for a presentation of our input spec language, string solver, and semantic fuzzer:

February 21, 2023
Andreas Zeller

I have deleted a forwarded message showing how ChatGPT would (falsely?) out researchers. I will repost a sanitized version later.

January 29, 2023