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Me: Hey Siri, play my FCB 2023-24 playlist.
[This playlist is stored in the library in the Music app on my phone, as I do not subscribe to a streaming music service.]

What happens: Starts playing a song called Pardon Me (with an Explicit lyrics tag) AND starts a 7-day preview of Apple Music without asking first.

That’s a lot of wrong just because Siri couldn’t parse what I was saying.

September 07, 2023

For those being forced to move from a $0 plan on to , the news is mostly good:

• It's still $0/month until April 3, 2028 (Rogers values it at $50, but applies discounts).
• You can no longer purchase 1 GB rollover data or US roaming + data.
• To compensate for that change, you get 1 GB of data per month (overage $10/GB or portion thereof) and US "Roam Like Home" included at no charge.
• You keep your phone number (technically, it is transferred; took 55 minutes for me).

August 26, 2023