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Anthony Shaw :python:

New Blog Post! Running Python Parallel Applications with Sub Interpreters. What is a sub interpreter? What does this have to do with No-GIL? What use is this? Can I use it for web apps? This and more questions answered.

November 17, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

🎉 Tool for better documentation!! Release of sphinx-gallery, to automatically integrate narrative 🐍 examples in documentations

Highlight: a light recommender system to show related examples

An illustration of sphinx-gallery:
(from @sklearn 's gallery). Note the links to function docs.

Sphinx-gallery comes with awesome features such as
◼online execution with binder or jupyterlite
◼mini-galleries eg to link an object's docstring to its examples

5 days ago
Gaël Varoquaux

Sampling bias in practice: conducting a survey on the Paris metro platform...

if you ask people where they get off, you'll get a different distribution depending on where on the platform you stand: people choose their position close to the exits at arrival.

November 14, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

I’ll be giving the online lecture on "Representation learning on relational data to automate data preparation" on November 15th, 7pm EEST at AIHouse Ukraine.

Join the lecture, learn and support Ukraine

November 13, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

📑 "healthwashing": verb [ I or T ]
to make people believe that your computer-science grant or paper is about trying to improve health, while it really is an excuse to do maths and maybe you have a few biomedical signals on a thumb drive

October 20, 2023
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Olivier Grisel

cloudpickle 3.0.0 is out!

cloudpickle is a library used by PySpark, Dask, Ray and joblib / loky (among others) to make it possible to call dynamically or locally defined function, closures and lambdas on remote Python process workers.

This is typically necessary for running code in parallel on a distributed computing cluster from an interactive developer environment such as a Jupyter or Databricks notebooks.

October 16, 2023
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🔴 19 fixes
😃 74 contributors
📢 Bugfix release - scikit-learn 1.3.1 is out!
More details in the changelog:

You can upgrade with pip as usual:
pip install -U scikit-learn

or using the conda-forge builds:
conda install -c conda-forge scikit-learn

Thanks to all the contributors!

September 26, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

🤖 I am honored to have been appointed to the government-level panel of experts on AI 🇫🇷.

We are tasked with suggesting a national vision and strategy in France.
The panel is made of experts on different topics: economics, law, computer science, from academia, industry, non-profits

September 25, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

✨Slides on causal inference: Individualizing treatment effects — transportability and model selection

Selecting models for causal inference, choice of variables for best bias-variance tradeoff, and choice of a relevant summary statistics (not risk difference for binary outcomes)

Presented at

September 22, 2023
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Olivier Grisel

scikit-learn 1.3.1 is out!

This release fixes a bunch of annoying bugs. Here is the changelog:

Thanks very much to all bug reporters, PR authors and reviewers and thanks in particular to @glemaitre, the release manager of 1.3.1.

September 22, 2023
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PSA: The 2023 videos from Prague are now available to the public at

September 20, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

I'm in :
Presenting in room A9i today 2pm
Exciting work on embeddings in databases

Tomorrow in the Causal Machine Learning for Operational Decision Making workshop, I'll be giving a keynote on various results on individualizing treatment effet: how to select models, to choose covariates, and summary statistics

September 21, 2023
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Harald Sack
September 17, 2023
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The use case for AI is to spam

September 17, 2023
Gaël Varoquaux

And now, for something not about science & tech:

Brittany harbor

I took this photo in "Le Guilvinec", a small harbor in Brittany ( ).

September 14, 2023