Librarian/Technologist, currently Director of Strategic Initiative for National Information Standards Organization. Creator of LibraryBox and Measure the Future projects, former fellow at Berkman Klein Center.

Recovering academic, enthusiastic tinkerer/maker, obsessed with theater. This Account Kills Fascists. for everything else


My Monday routine: spend the first 5-10 min in front of my computer unsubscribing from unwanted email lists.

Every. Week.

3 days ago

Doing some digital spring cleaning, looking through old archives and making sure they are on backup schedule, etc. Came across a set of txt files from 1992 that were emails from my first email address (grifjm@morekypr.bitnet). Probably the oldest files I have on my system.

What's the oldest files you still have around?

5 days ago

I can't believe there still isn't a straightforward way to view 360 video on Apple Vision Pro. Have you seen any apps for this @jsnell or @viticci?

February 23, 2024