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Eric Rose

A local JW bible-basher is posting hand-written letters about plague and pestilence to the surrounding area 🤡

October 27, 2021
Eric Rose

Walking through the Newtown lanes, I passed a privet bush in full bloom. I hate that sickly sweet smell and it's a main contributor to my seasonal allergies - it's a weed that was everywhere when I was growing up in the country.

Masks are good, though. I could barely smell anything this time

October 03, 2021
Eric Rose

@daedalus sure

August 26, 2021
Eric Rose
August 25, 2021
Eric Rose that's very beautiful. Thanks for sharing

August 20, 2021
Eric Rose

The pineapple sage is in full bloom and the bees are happy

April 21, 2021
Eric Rose

@Shes_Gabrielle I know that nothing I can say or do will make a material difference, but what you experienced was crazy and shouldn't have happened. I hope you don't have to go through similar things again, and that you have a good support network around you

March 17, 2021
Eric Rose

Help! I've fallen into a sea shanty rabbit hole and can't get out...

January 13, 2021
Eric Rose

Guess who's just spent over 5 hours working because of DDOS attack on another customer of our hosting provider :blobugh:

December 25, 2020
Eric Rose

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2020
Eric Rose

I didn't push my chair in as I got up after lunch. When I was putting the plate in the sink, I heard a crash and turned around to see that Daisy had used the chair as a springboard to jump up onto the table. No food or anything breakable there, luckily...

December 02, 2020
Eric Rose

@bestthingsbot our new puplet Daisy galumphed down the hall at breakfast to see where I was and then sat at my feet waiting for my toast

December 01, 2020
wamble shared a status by Gargron

"France bans citizens from filming and identifying violent police officers"

That's fucked up

November 25, 2020
Eric Rose

@bestthingsbot I finished watching The Haunting of Bly Manor. Elegaic isn't a word I use often but that show is an exquisite combination of terror and tenderness.

November 16, 2020
Eric Rose

@pzmyers I just recalled the British slang "nonce". It's a word that should come back into style, IMO

October 29, 2020
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"If The World Was Created By A Programmer"

The last panel had me in tears 😂


October 25, 2020
Eric Rose
Family, MH

I thought for a while that it might be possible to reconnect with my father after years of not speaking. However I just hung up on him mid-sentence through an anti-lockdown rant.

He kept repeating the same lies he's read in the Murdoch press, and refuses to accept that people might lie to put profits ahead of public health. I think I'm better off without him in my life

October 25, 2020
Eric Rose

I'm cat-sitting again. After a couple if weeks, Pi is brave/bored/... enough to go exploring. Now he wants to go outside. Not a good idea, unfortunately

October 12, 2020
Eric Rose

@david an exquisite photo

October 08, 2020
wamble shared a status by trickster

where were you when you found out the UK's track and trace software (which cost 12 billion quid) has excel as a backing database

sadly there is a backlog of cases which were untracked because they exceeded the excel row limit

worry not, they have solved the problem and are now using two excel files to keep track of people

October 05, 2020