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Let us:
1. Reduce global warming.
2. Reduce social cooling.
3. Reduce inequality.

@ University of Twente

Council member
@ Municipality of Enschede

> Plant-based diet
> Long distance & obstacle running

Born at 357 ppm

Erik Kemp 🇪🇺

@piko Yes, please send me a personal message with details of when and where (and preferably a phone number so that I can get in touch). Happy to help.

June 16, 2022
Erik Kemp 🇪🇺

Heute Abend! Congres van Volt Twente! Openbaar natuurlijk :-)

June 15, 2022
Erik Kemp 🇪🇺

The mastodon.utwente server will go down (see, so I will move my account within the next month. Usually, when moving accounts you only move followers and following. Is there any way to move my toots to a new account, or is there a pretty webviewer of a mastodon archive so that I can publish (a selection of) my old public toots, from my exported archive, on my website? Thanks in advance (:

June 14, 2022
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Now @ !
A very interesting symposium by (Twente University Center for Cybersecurity Research) for the honorary doctorate of Jaya Baloo.

This afternoon we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the University of Twente!

There, Prof. Debra Roberts, co-chair of IPCC Working Group 2 (vulnerability of socioeconomic and natural systems to , consequences, and adaptation options), who gave a wonderful lecture yesterday, will also receive an honorary doctorate.

May 20, 2022
Erik Kemp 🇪🇺

A fantastic panel of 5 stars at day 1 of the @pubconf, !

Melanie Rieback, CEO at non-profit Radically Open Security: "Business is one of the most effective forms of activism".

@daphnemuller, support lead at @nextcloud: "We are the European alternative for Microsoft and Google, who don't collect your data!"

Rik Viergever from MURENA ( @efoundation ).
"We offer ethical software, accessible for the general public."

May 17, 2022
Erik Kemp 🇪🇺

Very interesting research:

"Users' email addresses are exfiltrated to tracking, marketing and analytics domains before form submission and before giving consent"

-> yes, you read that right, before form submission.

This is an example of how the intransparency of the digital world leads to a huge between normal people and corporations.

Source: NOS

May 11, 2022