Kyle Burke

(he/they) Professor of Computer Science at Florida Southern College. Researcher: Computational Complexity and Combinatorial Game Theory. Interested in: Voting Systems, HPC + OOP, Magic: The Gathering.

Kyle Burke

Played Wright Around the USA with one child this evening. I lost twice. Notice the call out at the penultimate space.

May 09, 2024
Kyle Burke

I added the upcoming International Computer Games Association (ICGA) conference, Computers and Games 2024 ( to the list of events:

I don't know exactly how relevant this topic is, so please feel free to convince me one way or the other here.

May 07, 2024
Kyle Burke

I just finished listening to the latest If Books Could Kill episode, this one about Michael Lewis' book on Sam Bankman-Fried:

Saying that chess is too simple is a huge red flag for those aware that it's EXPTIME-hard. ( If you can solve Chess scenarios effortlessly, then you can solve all sorts of extremely heavy computational problems that elude us.


May 03, 2024
Kyle Burke

A wacky game of at our end-of-semester-party.

April 26, 2024
Kyle Burke

My summaries of the talks for are up: combinatorialgametheory.blogsp

Thanks to the presenters who made this year so successful!

April 23, 2024
Kyle Burke

On the last of the year, I got shot first in .

April 22, 2024
Kyle Burke

happened yesterday and it was great! I uploaded the players submitted and added them to the Gorgons page, so you can play against them:


April 21, 2024
Kyle Burke

For the Gorgons tournaments at this weekend, we'll use an 8 x 8 board with 3 Gorgons on each team.

Come to Sprouts! Listen to undergrads talk about games, etc. It's online (Zoom) and registration is free:

April 18, 2024
Kyle Burke

Students here at who attend get one of these cool notebooks.

(I think they're cool.)

April 15, 2024
Kyle Burke

Won a game of today against my class. You can play Gorgons at

April 08, 2024
Kyle Burke

Played Neighboring Nim against my class. (I won!)

April 08, 2024
Kyle Burke

has more talks lined up than we've ever had before (11)!
Undergrads: 7 (high is 8, in 2017)
High schoolers: 2 (new high)
Keynote: 1
Me: 1.

Talks listed here:

I should probably record my talk (CGT Crash Course) and move it online in future years to make more room for contributed talks!

Unfortunately, we still have zero submissions for our Computer Gorgons Tournament. Make a player:

April 07, 2024