Sebastian Forster

I will give a general-audience talk on dynamic graph algorithms next week as part of the OCG's Horizonte Spezial series (in German).

December 03, 2020
Sebastian Forster

Franz Hetzer, one of my mentors in secondary school, passed away these days. He was a biology and chemistry teacher, but more importantly also the advisor of the school's science club. Back then, there was no teacher for computer science at our school, but he naturally filled that role to advise me and my friends for our programming projects.

November 26, 2020
Sebastian Forster

There was some coverage of my work on dynamic algorithms in Austrian media over the long weekend. I'm not used to doing "popular science", but I'm quite happy with the results.


October 27, 2020
Sebastian Forster

I'm currently teaching max flow in our advanced algorithms class and need to decide whether I want to exclude anti-parallel edges in the input graph.

This has implications on how to define the residual capacities and is connected to the question how to precisely formulate the problem. Should the flow function represent a nonnegative flow or a, possibly negative, net flow? I found an interesting blog post by Bo Waggoner discussing this issue!

October 21, 2020
Sebastian Forster

Lots of stuff going on these days: (1) My teaching has started ("Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures" and "Problem Solving and Algorithmic Thinking") (2) Tijn de Vos has started as a PhD student in our group (Welcome, Tijn!) (3) DISC is happening this afternoon; the videos are already online and late registrations are still possible:

October 12, 2020