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The Pope is perhaps the only person where words matter and can have as much of an impact as deeds. So I am genuinely disappointed and saddened that he will not be at COP28 to bring his considerable influence directly to the ears of reluctant oil tycoons and their government lackeys.

Aside: How do we get @Pontifex to dump the bird site and over here onto Mastodon?!

28 minutes ago

Progress: “Hyundai halts main ICE plant to meet EV demand”

When a major automaker is prioritizing EV cars over its existing fossil fueled cars, that's a sign that the market not only is changing, but *has changed* significantly. It's only a 44 day pause in ICE production so that it can focus on building its new EV plant, but still, it's a big deal!

39 minutes ago

Aside from the knee jerk and very valid response of “greed”, what, precisely, is holding humanity back from a world where there is no need for money? Why can’t goods and services be provided as needed and work and education be a matter of gaining respect, experience, and contribution to the whole? Does this state of affairs automatically require it to be earth-wide to function?

Would achievement of this state of affairs help us achieve other goals like:
Eradication of Poverty/Scarcity?
Achieving a Sustainable Post-Climate-Action-CO2-Free world?

53 minutes ago