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LinkedIn the new gaming platform

”LinkedIn’s mission has always been to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

How’s playing games making your more productive?

May 02, 2024
petri kajander
April 29, 2024
petri kajander

Intereting breakdown of building, scaling and growing Bluesky


April 24, 2024
petri kajander

@Setok You’re not supposed to power it down?

It’s an exception to force reboot it 😁

April 11, 2024
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Deniz Opal

It appears that Peter Higgs.

Discoverer of The Higgs Boson. The particle that forms the Higgs field and results in matter forming in the universe, nicknamed by the media "The God Particle"...

... Is the only person that got raptured during the eclipse...

April 10, 2024
petri kajander

Threads released their API for devs to check it out before the API release at the end of June.

Am I missing something since there’s no direct upload option for media files in their API?

”image_url — (For images only.) The path to the image. We will cURL your image using the URL provided so it must be on a public server.”

April 09, 2024
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You did not include the link:

There has to be an algorithm, though. Even word of mouth rewards the loudest voices, the people with the most friends.. Newest first rewards posts in more popular time zones.

WRT a photo a day. Artificial deadlines limit creativity . Best to do shorter durations or give yourself a head start (200 photos before you start publishing).

April 07, 2024
petri kajander

”The program remains fully independent of NATO. France is the only member of the alliance that doesn’t belong to its Nuclear Planning Group, and President Macron holds full authority over potential use.”

”The U.K.’s smaller and less versatile nuclear force is…lacking an air component, it relies on American-supplied Trident missiles for its four submarines and possesses a total of under 260 warheads.”

April 07, 2024
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donni saphire

Why do I have to prove I’m not a robot? Robots should have to prove they‘re not me

April 07, 2024
petri kajander

”An OpenAI team transcribed more than one million hours of YouTube videos, the people said. The team included Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president, who personally helped collect the videos”

”At Meta, managers, lawyers and engineers last year discussed buying the publishing house Simon & Schuster to procure long works”

April 07, 2024
petri kajander

LinkedIn is the new Twitter

Humblebrags mixed with influencer posts and how-to threads with an occasional sprinkle of borrowed TikToks and Reels culminating in deep insights with AI-generated illustrated images.

April 01, 2024
petri kajander

”Spatial videos filmed at 30fps in 1080p take up around 130MB of storage space for one minute of video”

March 29, 2024
petri kajander

@Xen4n Or a regular X account

March 29, 2024
petri kajander

”But the catch is that no one can see the posts.

You can publish as many posts as you like. The app even lets you add photos to your posts as well. But you’re sending those posts into the void. Developer Pat Nakajima said on Threads that no post leaves your device and all likes are fake.”

March 29, 2024
petri kajander

”Facebook “secretly signed Whitelist and Data sharing agreements” with Netflix, along with “dozens” of other third-party app developers…

…to access, among other things, Facebook users' “messaging app and non-app friends.

…allowed Netflix programmatic access to Facebook’s users' private message inboxes”

March 29, 2024
petri kajander

”Bluesky is basically abstracting out each layer of a social media service and allowing anyone to provide alternatives at each layer…

It creates a system that feels as simple and comprehensive as a centralized system, but which is actually decentralized, and enables anyone else to jump in and provide additional services and features at each layer.”

March 28, 2024
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Nootti is the app of the month in the largest Finnish tech magazine

March 28, 2024
petri kajander

”Bitkey, as a self-custodial solution, sits somewhere between a stand-alone Tapsigner and a fully-open, interoperable multisig wallet. It does better than the stand-alone Tapsigner in some areas (e.g. 2-of-3 security), while poorer in other areas (e.g. not interoperable; tightly coupled to Block as things stand).”

March 27, 2024
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They didn't even bother to change the word "toot" on in the Dutch language

Yes, he did not "build" TruthSocial but took source code and added anoher front end

The current source code is from 2022 meaning that they don't comply with the Mastodon licence OR they run a old version that has critical security flaws

Talk about a major fail..

March 26, 2024