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I'm a French computer science researcher involved in the OLKi project

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Post-doctoral position available in Nancy in data ethics for industrial AI:

July 08, 2020
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Deux instances de la plateforme fédérée OLKi sont disponibles pour le test:

- au LORIA:
- aux AHP:

Merci Pierre-Antoine et Pierre pour ces instances !

June 24, 2020
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Notre dernière "discussion philo-info" autour de StopCovid est disponible :

Merci Anna pour l'organisation !

June 24, 2020
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Hoa Thien LE, a PhD student in the Synalp team in Nancy (FR), successfully defended his PhD on Friday on neural methods for sentiment analysis and text summarisation. Congratulations Hoa !

May 31, 2020
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a sa chaîne :

Abonnez-vous !

Vous y trouverez, entre autre, nos derniers séminaires philo-infos.

Merci Pierre et merci aux Archives Henri Poincaré pour l'hébergement !

April 24, 2020
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La vidéo de notre dernier séminaire philo-info sur l'éthique de l'IA, par Alexei Grinbaum, est accessible:

February 12, 2020
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Trust of French citizens with regard to technology has decreased by 10% in 2019, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer:

This is why government, scientists and IT companies need to adopt a much more ethical behaviour !

February 05, 2020
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One workshop and one tutorial in relation with OLKi have been accepted at TALN:

- ETeRNAL: about ethics and NLP
- CLARIN-FR: about language resources and platforms

Please follow @admin to get more information n the next few weeks about these workshops...

January 22, 2020
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Claire Gardent, member of the Synalp team in the OLKi project, has been granted an AI Chair.

Congratulations to her: this is a great news for the development of AI in region Grand Est !

December 16, 2019
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Summerschool Python4NLP in Nancy, last week of August:

June 03, 2019
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Réunion de l'usage des données aujourd'hui au à avec les chercheurs des Archives Henri Poincaré à 16h.

May 24, 2019
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Réflexions en cours dans pour une nouvelle (et oui, encore une !) d'utilisation des données:

N'hésitez pas à donner votre avis ici !

April 24, 2019
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Pourquoi OLKi ?

Parce que on ne peut pas continuer ainsi...

April 23, 2019
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"L'anonymat n'existe pas"

April 11, 2019
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semble une initiative excellente pour réconcilier science des données et éthique citoyenne. Il me reste encore à le lire en détails, mais peut-être aurait-il fallu trouver un autre philosophe qu'Hippocrate pour l'informatique ?

April 09, 2019
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List of easy and fast to read references for scientists to get started with :

March 31, 2019
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is rich of people / thinkers who analyze & reason about privacy, the role of online platforms, data, society: @Calimaq @nitot @Framatophe to name a few.

Note that nothing proves that these accounts are actually owned by the real / known / IRL personalities - apart from your trust in their nodes admin ( &; and that is perfect, it should stay like that, it's a pretty good compromise btw privacy threats & anonymity.

December 24, 2018