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Sebastian Lasse,

Esteemed audience,

in 5 days we will begin to publish all the Talks and Keynotes!

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September 20, 2020
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Introducing SepiaSearch, our search engine to help you discover videos and channels on PeerTube!
We've worked hard to ensure that this engine respects your data, your attention and your freedoms. Learn more:

(Illus @davidrevoy )

4 days ago
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Voici SepiaSearch, notre moteur de recherche pour vous faire découvrir des vidéos et chaînes sur PeerTube !

Nous avons beaucoup travaillé pour que ce moteur respecte vos données, votre attention et vos libertés.

Toutes les infos :

(Illus @davidrevoy )

4 days ago
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Anarchist Quotes

I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.
-- Malcolm X

September 18, 2020
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2.4 is out!
Improved moderation tools, better playlist management, an annotations plugin and many more new features!
Check it all out here:

September 08, 2020
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uses alsoKnownAs for account migration, but it's not officially in the vocabulary. Does anyone have opinions on a formal definition and adding it as an extension?

I'm in another WG who want to use it, so we can define it in a W3C Rec. But we want a definition that the community is also happy with.


September 07, 2020
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Loke ✨

I'm thinking of starting a small recipe blog these days but I have no idea what platform to pick....
I would need something free & at least a bit customizable :blob_cat_peek:

Any advice, fediverse? [boosts appreciated]

September 08, 2020
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Loke ✨

I HATE the word expat. Just say immigrant like, what.
More specifically, I hate white people using the word expat, bcs they're literally going to say "immigrant" for poc and "expat" for white people. Yikes.
I correct people whenever they call me an expat like no sir, that ain't me.
Ofc if poc want to use expat for themselves I understand it's more complex, but in general I would just scrap that word away entirely, make people uncomfortable & just say immigrant all the time & watch them squirm.

September 04, 2020
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I've been working on a project called openEngiadina (, using ActivityPub for "local knowledge".

We have an initial demo:

It's still very rough, but I hope enough to demonstrate how events, points of interest, local organizations and businesses can be created, shared and be discovered on the Fediverse.

A longer explanation of the demo and some background:

This work has been supported by @NGIZero.

April 07, 2020
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Do you believe that should be the default option for publicly financed software? Let’s convince your political representatives!

Sign the Open Letter

August 10, 2020