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Within the limitations of AP using DNS and HTTP, we at @bonfire are working on something to split the "server" in two, with apps running on your own device at home (which doesn't need to be always online) combined with minimalist AP relays. Another advantage is that one identity one one relay can front for many apps, rather than having separate accounts on different instances.
February 12, 2021
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At "proofing future, bridging people + ideas" we just published an interview with @lynnfoster about her collaborative work "Enabling Citizen-Power into the Circular Textiles Sector":

January 27, 2021
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Bonfire is a new project that aims to combine an open source hardware device with FOSS federated social networks to allow you to physically control your own data, and to operate offline too if you want. You can follow at:

➡️ @bonfire

The official website is at

(Bonfire was previously known as CommonsPub.)

December 29, 2020
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Sebastian Lasse,

@mayel @tcit @karen @bonfire

just btw: Part of the ActivityPub assembly at -
Bonfire is there :)

December 28, 2020

We should talk at some point about the ActivityPub lib that @karen has been working for @bonfire starting with whether you're interested in using and collaborating on shared code like that, and what your requirements would be...
December 27, 2020
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Pixelfed will be a year old in a few days.

I'm a high school dropout that has never taken any CS or computer classes.

Web development is just a hobby of mine, I work in the auto industry.

I'm so proud of this project, I never would have imagined that I could make something like this.

Thank you for helping me realize credentialism isn't so important as you think. ❤️ :pixelfed:

April 11, 2019
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Last August, the excellent Gitlab forge migrated to Google Cloud : -(

As a direct consequence, the site is no longer accessible from several countries. Indirect consequence: sysadmin and developpers in these same countries can no longer download Gitlab's source code to install it on their servers.

@Framasoft provides a mirror of Gitlab Debian repositories: apt.gitlab.mirror.framasoft.or

Feel free to share the information (in other languages if possible).

October 09, 2019
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innovation --> liberation
competition --> cooperation
consumer choice --> agency
growth --> sustainability

November 28, 2020
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Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾

Il est temps pour moi de commencer une nouvelle aventure.

Je cherche un poste en Senior UX / Lead UX.

Sur Toulouse ou en remote (France et étranger)

De préférence une société autour de l'open-source, du libre, de la privacy ou de la cybersécu (il y a du taf en UX à faire), mais j'étudie tout ce qui peut être proposé.

CV et portfolio disponibles sur demande. Si vous avez des pistes, n'hésitez pas à m'en faire part.

Des 😘 pour le partage

December 01, 2020
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Welcome @hedgedoc 🦔!

This is an exemplary story.

-> ->

November 18, 2020