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Lecygne Noir (old account)

Pour mes viewers qui seraient intéressés, Framasoft prépare l'arrivée de la fonction LIVE sur , et a besoin de vous !

Comment verriez vous ça ? Comment mettre les vidéos en avant ? Comment le gérer point de vue vidéaste ?

Si vous avez envie, n'hésitez pas à répondre :

(Et ça devrait franchement pas vous prendre du temps. 5 min déjà, c'est que vous êtes allez vous faire un café avant 😋 )

November 12, 2020
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KDE and @PINE64 Introduce the PinePhone - KDE Community edition.

Experience the future of KDE's open mobile platform here:

November 15, 2020
Hi @rhiaro :) Indeed all topics which I'm into, happy to chat @bengo
November 13, 2020
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⏰REMINDER: Conference Call
📅WHEN: Saturday, November 14 at 14:00 UTC
🤓WHO: core team & YOU

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <> using port 64738.


November 12, 2020
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Dan York

Know anyone passionate about defending an open ? Nominations are open for the Internet Society Board of Trustees:

November 11, 2020
@mike_hales @bhaugen it looks like the domain expired and was taken over by spammers :(
November 07, 2020
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CommonsPub (now Bonfire)

We have decided to retire as a project name and to focus in on @bonfire instead. Please follow us there or visit to learn more

November 07, 2020
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And to address your concern, we're thinking to try a sustainably model where you can pay for convenience (in the form of optional cloud services and preconfigured hardware) but everything is FLOSS so you can self-host and DIY without loosing out on any functionality.

@dajbelshaw @ton

October 25, 2020
@dajbelshaw @freedombone @bonfire @karen @bernini

Thanks Doug! I was actually wanting to reach out.

Bob, let's chat if you're up for it...
October 25, 2020
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cj 🇺🇸🇨🇭

@mayel Yes! Thanks! I have been having trouble connecting with @forgefed or @bill_auger or @fr33domlover recently though, to make sure work is coordinated. As some things are still missing from ForgeFed that are needed.


October 25, 2020