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Jeffrey Phillips Freeman

Innovator & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computing & Big Data. Avid SCUBA diver, Open-source developer, HAM radio operator, astrophotographer, and anything nerdy.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, USA, currently living in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Pronouns: Sir / Mister

(Above pronouns are not intended to mock, i will respect any persons pronouns and only wish pronouns to show respect be used with me as well)

A proud member of the Penobscot Native American tribe, as well as a Mayflower passenger descendant. I sometimes post about my genealogical history.

GPG/PGP Fingerprint: 8B23 64CD 2403 6DCB 7531 01D0 052D DA8E 0506 CBCE

Yea, telling you it is fun to shoot people has no effect at all other than casual fun... telling you climate change isnt real also has no real effect.

The sort of people that would kill will kill whether thry played the video game or not. The sort of people that will deny science will deny science whether they heard some bozo doing it or not.

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How you guys like my new haircut?

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