We are looking for an experienced National Account Executive for @chcs, the of , an and system for . We also design custom .

Your responsibilities include procuring leads, closing sales, and building long-term client relationships. This position is 100% remote, 100% commission-based. Application info at

January 22, 2023

“This could be a moment where cities say, ‘Why did we think it was a good idea to be so dependent on a private company?’” arr.as/2 And not just cities. Websites are about the only communication channels that businesses and organizations control completely. If it's time to dust off your website, CHCS.com can help. chcs.com/portfolio/

January 14, 2023

We have installed the latest update to the , , and system. The purpose of this update is to enhance by implementing an invisible that does not display, but which prevents unwanted site access. We have installed this update at the recommendation of our processor to prevent “card testing” — using your site to test whether stolen cards are valid by submitting batches of small transactions. chcs.com/next9/

December 11, 2022

CHCS.com Internet Development prefers to support clients like @aanw rather than soulless gigantic companies. Please support .chat by donating to @aanw at allaboardnw.org/support/

November 21, 2022

It's 30ctober! 30 percent off website development and membership management tools chcs.com/30ctober/

September 30, 2022
May 03, 2022

CHCS Internet Technologies is proud to be a founding sponsor of @aanw !

May 03, 2022