Noel Rappin

@adarsh @rubyconf @Zee Once upon a time, people would bring instruments and there was an after hours jam session. (Not me, I have no musical talent at all, but people who could actually play musical instruments would do this)

August 11, 2023
Noel Rappin

Quick reminder that the first of these FREE coaching sessions for people who want to submit a talk for is today (August 8) at 9 Pacific / 11 Central / Noon Eastern

(The next one is Aug 10, noon Pacific time / 2 Central / 3 Eastern)

August 08, 2023
Noel Rappin

Want to propose something for but you're not sure what or how?

Ruby Central is running some coaching sessions. Bring your ideas and you'll get time with a mentor to workshop them and give you the space to ask questions.

Dates and times here: the event is free, but you can register for a ticket…

August 03, 2023