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Better Know A Ruby Thing 4: Keyword Arguments

I thought this one was going to be shorter than the positional arguments. It's not. Buttondown gently asked me if I wanted more interstitial subscribe reminders. (I don’t).

Anyway, everything you wanted to know about keyword arguments in and probably a couple of things you didn't know you wanted to know.

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February 23, 2024
Noel Rappin

The Pickaxe Book, Programming Ruby 3.3, is now fully in stock at Amazon with 1-day shipping.

Also, Amazon has now enabled reviews and ratings, so if you have enjoyed the book so far, leaving a review or a rating is really helpful.


February 13, 2024
Noel Rappin

I have no earthly idea why Amazon won't let people leave reviews of the Pickaxe book, but it's somewhat anxiety inducing.

February 06, 2024