MAL Updater OS X

Official Mastodon account for MAL Updater OS X. We develop apps for macOS and iOS to allow users to easily update and manage Anime and Manga lists on AniList, Kitsu, and MyAnimeList

Main Developer: @chikorita157

MAL Updater OS X

Update on Shukofukurou for iOS 2.3 - We will hopefully release the next release of Shukofukurou for iOS, 2.3 sometime this month.

The main highlights for this release are:
- Add support for the latest iOS
- Add VisionOS Support
- Redesigned List Statistics view
- Prompt for account deletion, which takes the user to the page to start the process when an account is removed (to comply with guidelines).

Note: Shukofukurou for iOS will require iOS/IPadOS 17 or later.

April 07, 2024
MAL Updater OS X

Shukofukurou 2.3 coming soon with native VisionOS support. Manage your AniList/MyAnimeList/Kitsu on the Vision Pro, along with some various fixes and improvements, since it’s been two years since we last released an update.

February 09, 2024
MAL Updater OS X

An Update and Why the Lack of Updates?
You might be wondering, where are the development for Hachidori, MAL Updater OS X and Kanimanabu? Why is development slow these days. Since I don’t have as much free time as I used to. Now that I left Twitter, now known as X and managed two servers on the Fediverse (Mastodon and Misskey), it took up a good chunk of my time along will preparing for the JLPT. Re

January 20, 2024
MAL Updater OS X

Added ListenBrainz support to OnagakuKiroku, which is a Mac program that allows you to track what you listened, with maloja before.

Now, we added ListenBrainz support to the 1.0-alpha 3 release (yes, it's been over 3 years since the last release) and it's possible to use both at the same time, it has to be enabled individually.

The 1.0-alpha3 release is available on Github.

December 22, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

It's been a while, but there were some issues with the offline queue functionality with Hachidori.

We just implemented some fixes so scrobbling Anime to AniList/MAL/Kitsu when the user goes back online doesn't end up in an endless loop, especially when an update requires confirmation before they are applied to the user's list.

December 17, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

While there hasn’t been much development work lately since I am busy with life, I’m slowly getting back to updating Shukofukurou for iOS. There hasn’t been much development because I don’t have anything in mind to implement yet, until now.

We plan to ditch iOS/iPadOS 15 support, and we possibly need to rewrite the HTTP backend to use Alamofire as AFNetworking, which I found out is deprecated. Also, it doesn’t compile for VisionOS natively.

We also tested Shukofukurou for iOS on Vision Pro Simulator, and it works. However, I want to add native support down the time, when I eventually get one next year. How cool it will be to manage your Anime and Manga list from your Apple Vision Pro.

More coming soon.

November 06, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Hachidori 3.3.16 is now released

Adds legal stream detection support for Orion web browser, finally.

More features are coming soon, including Mastodon support (automatically toot what you are watching), Jellyfin support, and more.

Note: Hachidori works on macOS 13 Ventura

Hachidori requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.

New Features
Add support for Orion Web Browser for legal stream detection

You can update to this release by checking for updates. This release can also be downloaded at

August 20, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Stream Detection for Hachidori now supports Orion Browser after a bug with Apple Script with Javascript doesn't work, which is needed for things like detecting Crunchyroll and other legal streaming sites.

This feature will be available with Hachidori 3.3.16, coming soon. We will be working on possibly adding Jellyfin support and working to improve accessibility with voiceover on Shukofukurou for iOS in the next release, in a long time coming.

August 07, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

We are releasing Hachidori 3.3.15 today and it should be available in software updates now. Release notes aren't uploaded yet, but can be seen here:

June 04, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Patrons Only Update - Development Updates and Goals - Second Half of 2023

June 04, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

We tried implementing Orion support into our legal stream detection and we hit a snag. The dojavascript Applescript command does not bring any output. It appears to be a bug as it is working, but it won't appear in the next release.

The current Beta release will be the stable release coming out tomorrow. My next goal is to add Mastodon sharing support when I have free time. Also, I need to check if WaniKani adding Kana Vocabulary broke the WaniKani support in KaniManabu. The app needs some love, especially an iOS version as well. Haven't been able to work on it since I'm busy with my blog and other things.

May 20, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

If anyone is unaware, MyAnimeList has suffered a hacking attempt. As a result, MyAnimeList functionality will not work. However, Kitsu and AniList will continue to work as normal.

Do not submit any issues relating to MyAnimeList being down. We will announce something once it comes back online.

May 11, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

While we have been quiet in the development front since I am busy. a new Hachidori update will come soon to add support for Orion as the browser now supports Javascript from Apple Events (AppleScript), which Hachidori uses to detect Crunchyroll and other streaming sites that require Javascript.

A new stable release update should roll out this month.

Still figuring what updates to make to Shukofukurou, as I can't really think of anything at the moments and the apps are still stable and usable under the latest versions of iOS/iPadOS and MacOS, besides cross-service list syncing.

May 07, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

While its very late, 3.3.15-beta6 of Hachidori is now released, which fixes Plex Server detection.

We hope to have Mastodon support working in the near future.

April 16, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Hopefully we will get Mastodon support working this weekend. The hurdle is getting OAuth working, but after that everything else should be easy.

We have confirmed the title correction fix and it was working properly from our test file.

March 13, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Hachidori 3.3.15-beta 5 is now out, will be on software updates for Hachidori with Beta channel enabled shortly.

February 26, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

Hachidori 3.3.15-beta 5 will be released later today, fixing title correction and directory black/white list to support subdirectories.

February 26, 2023
MAL Updater OS X
February 26, 2023
MAL Updater OS X

A new Testflight build for Shukofukurou for iOS is now out to replace the expiring build. There is no changes at the moment. Once we get Mastodon support working in Hachidori, we will add it to the test builds of Shukofukurou for iOS.

A New Beta version of Hachidori will be out to fix directory black and white lists to support subdirectories. We still need to fix the title correction issues that came up in the near future.

February 22, 2023
MAL Updater OS X
February 12, 2023