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Hello there!

I boost a lot of posts, but I have a few things to say every now and then.

I am largely fine with boosting posts from people I disagree with even on significant, dividing issues. I usually don't, however, if they actively advocate for these ideas... so it goes :/

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If you stare into the abyss the abyss might look back and give you a nose lick.

11 hours ago
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Shanoa / シャノア :M18_4:

Damn, looks like Yuzu is donezo now.

Rip LDN for the time being, because afaik you need a Yuzu account to run that atm. 😔

19 hours ago
Ethan Black

Time is insensitive...

14 hours ago
Ethan Black

I might know a lot of things about computers, but one thing I don't know is why is using over half a gigabyte of memory.

1 day ago
Ethan Black
February 27, 2024
Ethan Black
To advertise breath mints online

It's a Tik Tok Tic Tac Tac tic.

February 21, 2024