Jess Mahler

Jess has spent several years pulling together a family-of-choice from across the country. The family hopes to settle in the Appalachians where Jess’ heart has been rooted for as long as she can remember.
Health issues keep her from taking a active role in tikkun olam so she writes to spread ideas and explore different ways of living and being.
Jess has 15 years in polyam relationships. As an autistic autodidact, you never know when she’ll pull an odd bit of knowledge out of her back pocket.

Jess Mahler

My family is selling used K-2 stuff for . Can't afford to give it away free, or we would. Details on craigslist.

We're in PA near Allentown. Willing to try shipping stuff, by health issues will make that challenging so would rather they go to someone local-ish.

August 13, 2019
Jess Mahler

I'm thinking of pulling off of non-Amazon retailers and registering it for KU. I've never put a book in KU before. I really hate how hard Amazons been pushing for a walled garden set up.

But I can't help being curious about if it would actually make a difference in terms of reaching readers...

August 13, 2019
jessmahler shared a status by ropetopus
BDSM safety, safewords

My partners and I all use the same safeword system:

GREEN (resume)
YELLOW (pause and resolve)
BLUE (stop particular activity)
RED (stop/emergency stop)


August 12, 2019