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: Axiom

Loosely inspired by Euclid's Elements, I am a highbrow and cultured man ( Real shallow reading of a wikipedia page that had a bit about circles & Postulates)

October 26, 2023
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Seznam Zprávy :bot:

Extrémní sucho v Amazonii odhalilo desítky skalních útvarů s rytinami lidských tváří, které mohou být staré přes 2000 let.

October 24, 2023
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Frank Podmore 🌹✊

This is absolutely amazing: people have scanned charred scrolls from Herculaneum and been able to make out actual words in the texts. Even having only identified a few words, it already seems like what they've scanned is a 'new' text, i.e., a text from the ancient world that no one has read in *millennia*. And it's not the only scroll from Herculaneum: there are *600* intact!

October 18, 2023
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mastodon armchair talk

My recommendation for the Mastodon ecosystem is to out-compete the other platforms on being reactive to user needs. The commercial platforms won't be able to match our investment.

October 19, 2023
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jake lazaroff

Just published a new blog post: An Interactive Intro to CRDTs! It’s the tangible, code-based introduction I always wanted, plus a bunch of interactive visualizations to help build an intuition for how CRDTs work.

October 04, 2023
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Pierre Huyghebaert

"The online archive of the United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey is a valuable resource filled with detailed three-dimensional territorial employing various representational techniques. Thanks to the work of artist, designer, and developer and their dedicated ‘X’ page, we’ve uncovered numerous isometric diagrams. Handpicked here, are a selection of them, including categories such as “Isometric Fence Diagrams”, “Isometric Cross-Section Diagrams”, and “Isometric Block Diagrams”.

October 17, 2023

With the latest Android update, I got the Safety app which allows you to configure it so that a rapid quintuple-click of the power button activates an SOS routine.

This is pretty cool, but there's only two options, the first one requires no confirmation besides the rapid pressing (and I'm not comfortable with any sort of not-100%-intentional gesture calling the emergency services), and the other interferes with the "double-click to open camera" gesture, meaning I just open the camera instead.

October 16, 2023
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Parker Higgins

it makes me so happy when podcast hosts have to say "wherever you get your podcasts"

October 15, 2023
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Attie Grande

Cheap electronic braille cells! 😱

October 13, 2023
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Marcus Hutchins :verified:

I made a new Twitter account just to make sure my disinformation research account wasn't somehow tainted by my scrolling habits. Here is the makeup of my news feed from a brand new account:

Elon Musk - Far right troll
Spectator Index - Neutral, high quality news
OSINTdefender - Disinformation account, possibly a RU bot - Far right news outlet
Matt Wallace - Far right troll
Scott Adams - Far right troll / Conspiracy account
Illuminati Bot - Far right troll / Conspiracy account
Hurt Copain - Left Wing, I think?
Catturd - Far right troll
Tim Pool - Far right troll
Gunther Eagleman - Far right troll
Chaya Raichik - Far right troll
Ian Miles Cheong - Far right troll
Nick Sortor - Far right troll

October 09, 2023

@nobug @ianbicking that would probably be the "crimson" part of the prompt

October 10, 2023
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Naletěli jste Google, který vám aktivoval měření reklam? Asi ano, protože dialog (první obrázek) vypadá neškodně a asi jste neklikli na Nastavení. Kdyby ano, tak byste zjistili, že to musíte vypnout. Pěkná prasárna to všem zapnout.


October 08, 2023
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Francis Hunger

Working on this in-progress-graphic about and (imagine it as one combined tableau). Any comments, suggestions?

Panel 1 "Ideo Logics"

September 25, 2023
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Marco A. Lopez-Sanchez

I couldn't agree more with this answer from recent Nobel laureate Katalin Karikó, and the thing is, it's something we all know in the scientific world.👇

October 06, 2023