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Meredith Whittaker

Telegram is notoriously insecure and routinely cooperates with govs behind the scenes while talking a big game about speech and privacy. Even their limited opt-in (roll their own) encryption is sus. The more you know 🌈

May 09, 2024
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May 09, 2024
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Ding Dang Trevor Flowers

If you're interested in working with me in public on open specifications for miniature racks like those in 1970s computer labs then check out this newly created Codeberg repo:
I just really want many people to be able to make interoperable miniature rackable retrocomputers, OK? 😺

May 08, 2024
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it occured to me that if the web is full of junk (like ai-generated seo content etc), are there search engines where you can create and share with others your own (potentially big) sets of domains to include in the search? (edit for clarification: people would cobble together their own curated subset(s) of the web and just ignore the junk)

May 09, 2024
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Yikes, bailing on the platform you funded because they are worried about safety is quite the stand.

May 09, 2024
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The opposite of "rise and shine" would be "collapse and absorb light" and personally I think I'd like to be encouraged to become a black hole.

May 08, 2024
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BBC: Saudi forces 'told to kill’ to clear land for eco-city

May 09, 2024
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Jack Rusher

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.”

May 06, 2024
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Mauve 👁💜

How fucked up would it be to use JavaScript on a microcontroller to read from EMGs to give me a new usb mouse/keyboard that's just a bunch of wires I strap to myself?

Probably not for typing any time soon but maybe for window manager shortcuts and moving my cursor?

May 04, 2024
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Molly White

Many yearn for the "good old days" of the web. We could have those good old days back — or something even better — and if anything, it would be easier now than it ever was.

May 01, 2024
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James Grimmelmann

Chesterton’s Gun; if there is a gun on the wall, you should fire it because it is probably there for a good reason.

April 28, 2024